Hauz Khas Village: Then and Now

Hauz Khas Village: Then and Now


I used to live in Delhi during 2006 in Hauj Khas area, near Begumpur to be precise. The Kalu Sarai area is one of the hubs crowded with IITJEE and Medical aspirants and I was one of them. No matter how crowded Kalu Sarai area is Hauz Khas area used to be quiet and peaceful unlike today.

I have visit Delhi at-least twice in a year and have seen this city transform drastically, while some changes were good rest of them like what HKV turned into was not. I don’t know when and how this place turned into a clusterfuck, the walls of the unknown lanes suddenly was filled with ugly graffiti and the fort that once used to be a peaceful spot to sit in evening became so much crowded.


Last time I was there, the place was filled with overpriced restaurants with average food that used to charge heavily on the name of ambience. A Bihari eating joint called Rooftop something serves Litti Chokha worth 300 rs and Yeti is the only place that serves Thupkas in same price that you’ll get in 100-80 rs max at Majnu ka Tila. The fort and monuments are filled with wannabe photographers with DSLR taking same shot again and again for ages.


Hauj Khas village used to be few of the places where one could spend peaceful quiet evenings have now turned crowded, cluttered with restaurants and shops. All of a sudden HKV is a part of Delhi culture legacy that looks more like a rip-off of Kala Ghoda Mumbai.

Once upon a time Hauj Khas Village begged for attention and now it is getting all the unnecessary attention that it doesn’t require. But then can when we expect, change is the basic reality of life.

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