Growing up is a tough thing to do

Growing up is a tough thing to do


Journey of life is full of speed bumps. It seems that just when things might be going your way…. something happens that tries to bring you down. My life is going through one of those times recently. I haven’t even been able to begin to write anything for quite some time, by anything I mean anything for myself. As a writer not able to form words on a page is very strange for me.

When you’re little, you cant wait to grow up. Grown ups have cars and phones and a lot of money. No one questions them and they get to go where they want and do what they want. You think that it must be so nice to grow up. And despite advantages of growing up there is a part of life that makes growing up difficult and sometimes painful.

Relationships. Growing up gives an illusion about relationships and marriage, you grow up thinking that every princess will find her prince charming. You believe in concept of true and first n only love. But then you are totally unaware of how difficult this side of life can be. At times your love and commitments will be tested and there will be times when you’ll question the meanings of these words, about what do they even mean in this world.

Decisions. We are free to make our own decisions without grownups interfering in between. I love taking long walks are unreasonable hours, traveling without leaving a message or text and I get to eat whatever I wish to eat. But with big decisions come huge responsibilities, like paying bills, having a family and getting a job. That is such a hard part of life to cling upon.

Taking a stand. This is probably the worst part of growing up because you are expected to take a stand, to have an opinion for every thing in this world because that is how the world works. Gone will be those days when your biggest comeback was supposed to be with a bigger and better piece of chocolate and who gets to bat first. You’ll get in a world of competition, politics and back stabbing as you grow up and then you’ll be asked to take a stand for your friends, for your family and your loved ones and you cannot run away from that responsibility.

You’ll be judged. As a child you might be irritated that people cannot stop kissing you on cheeks, call you cute all day and admire your smile. You were center of attention once and no one used to care about the way you eat, sit or sleep. When you grow up, as an adult you’ll be judged at every stage of your life no matter what you do. There will be someone to judge you, tell you harsh words and you’ll have to live with it. And you think childhood is boring? no it is not, enjoy it as much as you can right now because the reality of life will come on your face as the years pass by.

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