Basic Etiquettes On How To Behave During Air Travel

Basic Etiquettes On How To Behave During Air Travel

In modern days, flight journey has become more popular in India. More and more people are opting for air travel instead of choosing trains or buses. Travelling to a certain place in two hours is always a better idea than spending 8 to 10 hours in train and wasting entire day.

But with the rising popularity of air travel a lot of problems have started to find spotlight that usually comes from the side of travellers. Misbehavior with ground staff as well as the flight attendants has been really common and this needs to be eradicated.

Here are a couple of practices that you should follow while travelling in flights.

Don’t Misbehave With Ground Staff

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The ground staff is there to help you out with ticketing and check-in. They are basically a part of service industry and their job is to retain a customer by providing them an excellent service. It is their duty to give you a pleasant travel experience but at the same time you should also make sure that you are treating them like human beings. Passengers often break a couple of rules like arriving late after which they show their privilege to be on the flight. Screaming and threatening airport ground staff can result in flight Ban and while it doesn’t happen that regularly you should make sure that you don’t behave like a jerk at a public place.

Don’t Harass or Ogle Female Flight Attendants

The reason why Indian flight passengers have earned such a bad reputation and are considered the worst flight travelers in the world is because of their behaviour towards female flight attendants. Incidents of groping, touching and ogling are often reported. If you are travelling in a flight then you should make sure that you behave with a flight attendant decently, irrespective of their gender as they are around to ensure your pleasant travel experience.

Avoid Crowding Up The Exit Doors When The Flight Lands

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Indian flight passengers are known for their habit of getting up from their seats once the plane lands. This is very inconvenient and creates problems for the flight staff. At times many passengers don’t even listen to the instructions that ask them to wait for a few minutes. This doesn’t only create inconvenience for the flight staff but is also dangerous because you never know about the reason why the flight has been parked at that spot. There may be malfunctions of weather related issues. When you have waited for 2 hours on a flight then why can’t you wait for 10 more minutes?

Avoid The Practice Of Carrying Multiple Pieces Of Luggage In Cabin

I have met my fair share of stupid India flight passengers who have carried multiple pieces of luggage and fill the cabin compartment without caring about other passengers. This is inconvenient and because of your carelessness, some other passenger will have to sit with their suitcase or bag. Why ruin the journey for someone else by being an irresponsible traveler?

Reach The Airport On Time To Finish Formalities Without Missing The Flight

A lot of flight passengers take their own sweet time to reach airport despite knowing that they are supposed to be there 2 hours in advance. Sometimes they reach an hour or 45 minutes before the flight is supposed to leave. On weekends and during holidays this can land you in trouble because airports are very crowded, check-in takes time and there are only a limited number of staff who have to look after thousands of passengers standing in the queue. By arriving late and taking instructions casually, you not only create inconvenience for the airport staff but also for those who left their home on time to avoid inconvenience.

By following etiquettes on how to behave on flights, you will make sure that you come across as a responsible citizen and an ideal traveler and you’ll go on to create examples for other travelers as well. The intention of this blog was not to offend anyone but to call out the problem that we keep seeing on our flight journeys over and over again. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below



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