Final hours

Final hours

He sat in his cell waiting. He was calm like a Buddhist monk.The final moments of his life were reminding him of his past. Even when he wished he doesn’t his life was flashing before his eyes. He was trying to make sure he had lived his life till the very end.

Guards outside didn’t care. They knew of two type of convicts. The one who’ll try to repent their deeds and then there were the ones, who would just accept their fate. For them it was a way to respect someone who was about to die. His sins don’t matter anymore.

He was in his mid thirties, medium build, his face showed no remorse for the crime he committed. He could forget the last whimper of his little girl and blood coming out of his beloved wife’s mouth while her pale eyes begged to ease the pain…He saw his wife and his daughter staring blank, dead. That feeling had rippled the tranquility of his mind for life. Tuberculosis has done its job. He was helpless but had one last thing to do. The corrupt government doctor deserved it. 

He missed his daughter, she was so beautiful. He remembered her sweet voice,  the day when she showed him the English alphabets she wrote without her teacher’s help. She was so happy when he had brought her new dresses.. She was his princess. An angel. The only purpose of his life. He might had not been a rich person but then he was a good father and that was what mattered. He lost a fight but he wished to do better again may be in next life. 

He just had one last wish.He had no problem if in hell he’ll be pushed into a cauldron of boiling oil, or even with hundred lashes for his crime, he just prayed that if he ever gets a mortal life again, he wanted to get his family back. This time he was not able to give the best no matter how hard he tried. His heart wept at the thought of it.

Time was running out, he had not time for sad memories. He remembered the day when he saw her as a bride, she looked so beautiful. The vows they took of being together beautiful she looked when she used to be angry on him …he remembered all this..good old times.

His chain of thoughts was interrupted with jailer’s voice reminding him that the time was here.

He got up, started walking. It was early morning. Sun had just risen beyond the horizon. He was not afraid, he closed his eyes, saw his wife, daughter waiting for him .They asked him if he had any last wish ? He smiled and said.. I have had mine fulfilled sir…All set to meet death after so much wait.

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