Exploring Madhubani Street Art in Patna

Street art is not something that one will expect or associate with a city like Patna. But recently, the city administration and state government, in their attempt to promote folk arts, decided to paint the wall of the city with beautiful paintings made by Madhubani artists.

Patna Madhubani painting (2)

What is Madhubani Art – Madhubani art (or Mithila painting) is practiced in the Mithila region of the Indian subcontinent. This painting is done with a variety of tools, including fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchsticks and using natural dyes and pigments. It is characterised by its eye-catching geometrical patterns (source: Wikipedia)

Patna Madhubani painting (4)Patna Madhubani painting (3)

Where can I find Madhubani paintings on Patna’s walls – Madhubani art project covers an extensive part of Patna. Some of the notable spots are the area around High Court, the Maurya Lok and the surrounding areas cover a notable portion filled with different thematic artworks. You’ll also find a lot of artworks around AN College Boring Road.

Patna Madhubani painting (5)

A major reason to promote the artworks around walls of Patna was to stop people from Urinating on the walls. In an attempt to keep the city clean and stop people from reliving themselves on the middle of the road, this attempt was made.

Patna Madhubani painting (8)

Some of these painters are professionals who have arrived from Madhubani to oversee the project while others are students of Patna Arts College.

Patna Madhubani painting (9)

A majority of themes that these paintings use are Chatth, Patna Smart City, Patna Museum and state festivals. Many paintings also spread social message like stop urinating in open and throw garbage only in dustbins.

More than 30 locations of Patna have been beautified by these artworks. They are a treat to observe. Every painting has a story and requires a lot of intricate detailing.

More than 10 teams with 500 artists completed the project in a time span of more than three months.

Patna Madhubani painting (18)Patna Madhubani painting (19)Patna Madhubani painting (21)

Patna station is also being decorated with a huge mural in the same theme. A few months back, Darbhanga station was decorated with beautiful Madhubani paintings that got it international coverage.

Patna Madhubani painting (24)

For Patna, it will take a long journey to assure that these murals are not defiled. Sensitizing the people living here is a huge challenge to ensure that these paintings stay in the form they are today.


But people don’t listen, do they?

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  1. flamingodiaries

    I always loved Madhubani art from Childhood. i’d love to visit the place and meet the artists some day. wonderfully documented!! Can you suggest any decent places to stay or if you know of any homestay close to the artist district??

  2. Nitin Singhal

    These are some amazing graffitis. How safe is Patna for tourists given higher crime rate in Bihar? Is this area affected by Naxals?

  3. Nitin Singhal

    These are some amazing graffitis. How safe is Patna for tourists given the higher crime rate in Bihar?

  4. Catherine

    I love street art and seeing how these artists can express themselves in such a creative way! Thanks for sharing

  5. Wow, those muruals are real artistic. Somehow, I doubt that they are a solution to the problems, but well, them make the city look more colorful and friendly and that is a good thing.

  6. I love the wall murals and beautiful paintings, especially the peacock looking one. I also like that the paintings started to prevent people from peeing on the walls and it cleaned it up and gave the streets some flavor. A job well done in my book.

  7. travelgirlto

    I’ve never heard of this place. The murals are beautiful so I hope the locals don’t ruin it!

  8. Snazzytrips

    These murals are a great idea to brighten up the city, and showcase local artists’ work at the same time.

  9. April

    I love the paintings and I hope it would be maintain. Thanks for sharing and I never heard this place before. What country and city is Patna?

  10. Moon Ray

    I have never heard of that paintings!!! In general local artists/arts hardly get any attention. These paintings are simply amazing!!!