Exploring Jaipur – A Photo Journey to the City of Pink, Doors and Ruins

Jaipur is a city of surprises. Here, the traditional style merges with the urban landscape and presents you with a larger than life atmosphere. The city is the melting pot of modern lifestyle infused into history and culture.

Jaipur has a number of beautiful places to visit. Read more about various unique destinations of this city.

Exploring the Ruins of Amer


This time when I was in Jaipur, I decided to explore the city a bit differently. So after exploring Amer Fort for the nth time, I decided to explore the nearby areas. Little did I know that it was filled with ruins of old Havelis and old buildings. You are not allowed to go inside these buildings but the explorer in me couldn’t resist looking into the premises even after getting scolded by a policeman sitting nearby.


Upon exiting Amer Fort from the backdoor, you appear next to a parking lot. From here a short walk brings you next to the ruins of the first haveli. It is on you how you explore the rest of the area.


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Amer Fort – A Flight Back to Past

Time Travel at Albert Hall Museum


Albert Hall is one of my favorite museums in the country. The museum is spread in a huge area and has galleries on art, weaponry, music and a lot more.

The gallery also has a special chamber displaying the Egyptian artefacts and a real mummy is kept here. You can wander the halls of this huge building and you’ll never know where the time went.


It is not only the contents of the museum that are worth exploring. The museum itself is a piece of art. Carved with intricate design, the building is an example of exquisite architecture. The building is a lovely combination of Indo – Saracenic inspired domes and carved arches constructed from inlaid sandstone.

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Visiting Hawa Mahal and Jal Mahal for the first time


I have never been much fond of the touristy Jaipur. The area is so much crowded that you cannot even walk on the streets during the peak hours. While I have always found the pink city fascinating, I have never tried venturing around. The incoming tourists, the shopkeepers running after them, streets busy with hawkers, travel touts and agents make me feel scared and nauseated until this time when I decided to change the perception and explore this area a bit on my own.


Jal Mahal is a beautiful sight during the sunset. The palace lights up in the evening and the reflection in the water glows. The place looks like a sight straight out of a fairytale.


Hawa Mahal, on the other hand, surprised me with the sheer beauty it was holding inside. The tiny galleries, superbly designed doors and windows, the gorgeous sight that it displays from the top of the building is simply mindboggling. I ended up spending more than two hours at a place where I had thought that I’ll leave in 15 minutes.

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Exploring the Pink City


Pink City is the original Jaipur that was coloured this way by Maharaja Ram Singh to honour Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria.


Today Pink City is filled with heritage hotels, shops that are more than 100 years old, temples and mosques.


The Surreal and Artistic Doors and Windows


It is impossible to talk about exploring Jaipur without mentioning doors and windows. These lovely carvings are simply impossible to resist. From Amer Fort to Hawa Mahal and from Albert Hall to the lanes of Pink City, these doors and windows are everywhere. One can simply fall in love with these gorgeous examples of expert craftsmanship.



Jaipur is one city I can never get bored of. Every time I think that I have seen everything, it brings another surprise.

Do you know of hidden gems in Jaipur, share in the comments section?

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  1. RyanC

    Stunning photos – the framing and tones are incredible!!

  2. arv!

    What a beautiful post with great pictures. I specially liked your pictures of windows as well as the ones clicked atop Hawa Mahal with an evening sky! Great job!

  3. Tanushree

    First, your pictures are beautiful and different. Second, your website is stunning. My husband and I prefer taking the less beaten path and I can see that on your website as well. We had plans (which did not work out) last weekend to explore Jaipur again so this post is a good refresher. Though our plan is to visit Abhaneri, Shekhawati Havellis and other less touristy areas. What’s your take on that ? 🙂

    1. ansh997x

      Jaipur would be better now as winters make walking better. Also Abhaneri and Shekhawati are amazing places.