Essentials To Carry During A Monsoon Trip To Coorg With Family

Gusting winds that make the eucalyptus trees dance hypnotically, thick fog that envelops mountain tops in a layer of mystery, and delicate cascades that enhance the allure of green fields – monsoons in Coorg are truly a magical time. Whether you’re searching for the perfect spot to relax and spend time with your family or looking to indulge in thrilling water adventures, out of all the places to visit in Karnataka, Coorg wins by a landslide.

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The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the region experiences continuous rainfall between June and September. Therefore, you are advised to take additional steps to prepare for your trip. Here are a few essential items you should carry to make your monsoon holiday comfortable and memorable:


  1. Light clothing:

You don’t want to get stuck lugging around a heavy suitcase in the rain. Pack as lightly as you possibly can. Cotton clothing is the best option because it dries fast and occupies minimal space. Although, you should carry a sweater or jacket to combat the early morning winds.


  1. Rain gear:

Umbrellas and windcheaters are a must, and if your itinerary involves trekking across Tadiyandamol and Brahmagiri, don’t forget to carry rubber boots that provide a good grip. They will prevent you from falling over slippery boulders and come in handy when you’re strolling along coffee plantations, as there can be leeches and other slimy creatures lurking in the fields.

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  1. Sunscreen lotion:

Wearing sun protection on a rainy day may feel redundant, but it’s important to remember that UV rays are present regardless of whether or not the sun is shining through the clouds. To prevent excessive exposure to sunlight, bringing a sunscreen with SPF 30 should get the job done.


  1. First aid kit:

You may not need it, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Include an antiseptic and disinfectant for treating any wounds, along with some Band-Aids. You should also carry generic cold medicines in case the morning chill gets to you.


  1. Thermos flask:

There’s nothing more satisfying than sipping on hot coffee after getting drenched under Abbey Falls. A thermos flask will keep the beverage warm for long hours and give you the chance to form sweet memories with your family.


Keeping these items handy will help you enjoy your trip to the fullest extent. Complete your list of essentials by booking your stay at Club Mahindra’s Madikeri or Virajpet resort, two of the most popular places to stay in Coorg.


The Madikeri resort resides in the middle of a coffee plantation that stretches as far as the eyes can see. Built in the local Ainmane style, it effortlessly blends traditional architecture with modern comforts. Along with 220 spacious apartments, your family can make the most of amenities like a gymnasium, two swimming pools, three restaurants, a lounge and bar, and a wellness spa.


If you wish to enjoy the suite life, Club Mahindra’s Virajpet resort is famous for its 1-bedroom suites and studio rooms. Equipped with every amenity you might need for a spectacular stay, it serves as the ideal vacation destination for you and your family. The Madikeri resort in Coorg also offers adventure activities such as soft rope activity and coffee plantation tours to keep you delighted throughout your holiday.

Check out the Club Mahindra reviews of both resorts and you’ll definitely want to make a reservation today!

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  1. Good tips for Coorg monsoons. I prefer synthetics to cotton, though. They weigh less and dry faster.

  2. Anwesha

    I have recently been to Lonavala and Mahabaleshwar in monsoon. Windcheaters are good for light rain but they render useless in heavy rain. It’s just my opinion as I was shivering in them too. But thanks for this tips. I think we can be as prepared as we can while travelling during monsoon.

  3. Patti

    Good to know! I was not aware of continuous rainfall between June and September. As magical as it looks maybe I would avoid that period. Really good tips though, keep it up with your amazing blog!

  4. Alexander Popkov

    Never heard about Monsoon to be honest. By the looks of things, that is the place where weather can really affect your trip.

  5. Seeping hot coffee after getting drenched under a falls – wow. that should be a lifetime memory. Isn’t there anything in that place that sells coffee or is it essential to carry that.

  6. Rafael Sánchez

    The views are stunning, this place is going directly to my bucket list. The foggy atmosphere make it more spectacular!

  7. Coorg! I love the place. I’ve trekked here, walked among the plantations and went on a drive too.
    I too stayed in a resort in Virajpet but not in Club Mahindra though.
    I really hope to go again too!