Episode 1 -Julie Kagti on Responsible Travel in North East India

Episode 1 -Julie Kagti on Responsible Travel in North East India

North East India is an intriguing part of this country. While it has so much to offer to a traveller, only a little is known in the mainstream tourist map. Julie is the founder of Curtain Call Adventures. She joins us to discuss about the challenges that North East India faces when it comes to responsible traveling. She also shares her insights on how we as travelers can benefit the communities and the various tribes. Come join us on the first episode of Daily Passenger Responsible Travel Podcast as we start this journey to make travel more responsible.

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  1. Tourism is often regarded as the industry without chimneys.
    Contrary to this common belief, the impact of tourism on the environment and local communities is not negligible.
    Achieving a balance between promoting tourism development and benefiting local communities, always in line with the principles of environmental protection and respect to natural and cultural heritage, is the best way, in order to avoid creating more monstrous tourist resorts.
    Responsible and sustainable tourism is the best practice not only for the local population, but for tourists themselves, as well.
    Once a tourist destination reaches, and even exceeds, its carrying capacity, its decline is then inevitable, which is not a good thing either for locals or tourists.

  2. Oops, I submitted to soon: I agree, tourism can be a curse if uncontrolled. Too many places have been destroyed by overtourism and luckily, some places are realizing this and take action.

    1. ansh997x

      I think uncontrolled tourism is one of the biggest evil of modern travel industry. People should have a sense of personal responsibility to make sure that they don’t crowd important areas.