Eat and Chill – Best Cafes of Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a hotspot for travel and adventure junkies. While a visit here is incomplete without camping on the river bank and indulging in an adrenaline rushing adventure, there is more to this experience that one must not miss. I am talking about food.

The cafes of Rishikesh have the same hippie and laidback vibe that you’ll find in Kasol and Udaipur. These cafes are filled with travellers from India and abroad, busy with their friends, chit chatting, playing guitar and relishing upon pancakes, pizza and coffee.

Here are some cafes that I personally recommend –

Cafe De Goa

Located at the end corner of Lakshman Jhoola, Cafe De Goa is a small eatout overlooking the Himalayas. This cafe has some of the beautiful wall murals representing the number of countries from where the travelers have visited from. Looking for some excellent pancakes with delicious chocolate syrup spread all over it, then this is the place to be.

Little Buddha Café

I personally recommend The Little Budda Cafe because it provides of the surreal views of Ganga during the sunset. The staff is so warm and friendly that you almost feel like home. Built in treehouse style, thepizzas are a must try.


Natura Si Lassi

Natura Si Lassi is unlike any conventional cafe or restaurants in Rishikesh. Tired after a strong adrenaline session of River Rafting or you have just returned after a tiring hike from Neer Waterfalls, Natura Lassi Bar is the place to be. Here, you can relish upon some of the most nutritious lassis for very economical prices.


Ganga Beach Cafe

If you are looking for a hideout, where you can spend your time in peace and tranquility then Ganga Beach Cafe is the place to be. I was standing on the Lakshman Jhoola when I saw a small eatout overlooking the Ganga. I knew this was the place to be. As a solo traveler, this has been one of the friendliest cafes where I have visited during my travels. The menu at this cafe is versatile but the best way to spend your time here is sipping on multiple glasses of lime soda or black tea. This way, the staff will never ask you to leave because you are sitting and doing nothing and at the same time you’ll feel inspired with the views and the ambiance.


Lotus Café         

When it comes to inspiring views then Lotus cafe is the place to be. Located on a rooftop, lotus cafe shows everything, from Lakshman Jhoola to the gorgeous Himalayas and the magical Gangas, there is not a single reason to avoid the place. Again go for the same trick, order glasses of lime soda and you’ll get a pass to enjoy the serene atmosphere which surrounds this place.



Moksh Café

If you end up in Rishikesh all by yourself and need to meet new people, listen to good music then Moksh cafe is the place to be. The moment you enter the cafe, you are welcomed with lovely music or the tune of guitar, that will automatically make you feel welcomed. There is not a chance in the world that you won’t wish to visit here again and again, once you are familiar with this place. Moksh is a non profit cafe with some of the best juices and smoothies in the entire town.


Rishikesh is a lovely place. The restaurants here are the best way to get familiar with the hospitality and the charm of Uttarakhand.

Which is your favorite restaurant in Rishikesh?


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