Dylan’s Roasted and Toasted: The home of godly cookies and heavenly coffee

Dylan’s Roasted and Toasted: The home of godly cookies and heavenly coffee

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Old Manali is like a second home for me, I have been here so many times that now I am almost familiar with most of its streets and names.

One of such names that is synomous to Old Manali is Dylan’s roasted and toasted also known as Bob Dylan’s café. This café located on a walking distance from the entrance of Old Manali this place is one of the best places to be in Old Manali.

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The first time I went to Dylan’s there was no other place in Old Manali I knew of. It was evening, I had just arrived Manali and as per instructions from friends I was recommended to stay in Old Manali. I walked looking for a cheap place to stay, annoyed by the uphill and a wish to have a cup of coffee brought me to Roasted and Toasted.

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Today the name is so familiar that whoever comes with me to Manali, I sponsor them a breakfast here. The café itself has an ambience that will bring you in. The books scattered on the shelves, the owner of café bust taking orders while someone sitting in a corner playing a guitar lost in his own world. The café is best recommended for his chocolate cookies. The café has a board that is filled with testimonials from travelers and everyone unanimously believes that the cookies here taste heavenly.

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The owner Raj ‘Dylan’ Nalwa takes the coffee as a religion. He puts his passion in the coffee prepared here and the warmth can be felt in the taste. The Hot Chocolate here is a must try along with cheese sandwich and Chocolate Tea.

If you love coffee and good food, want to become friends with random travelers and if nothing then just go watch a movie in back room then Dylan’s Roasted and Toasted will welcome you with open arms. The owner has a similar setup at Arambol beach in Goa where I am yet to visit. This café is one of the most happy places I have come across during my visits to Old Manali.

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  1. Deeksha

    I am just back from Manali , and I am wishing I had read this post earlier !! nonetheless , I got to visit some nice cafes in Old manali , in single day I spent there .