Diwali: celebrating hypocrisy

Diwali: celebrating hypocrisy

Less than a week left for Diwali and smart, careful, sensitive people have already  talking, posting and tweeting about how harmful the festival is. I am not going to give a lecture about how this is a part of our religion and culture, I just want to inform that if you are one of them then you are a fucking hypocrite. 
There are few arguments that these assholes talk about that make no logic like Rajnikanth movies. If they are so much environment conscious what do they do rest of the year? 
1.       Celebrating Diwali is a waste of money: Burning money, misuse of income,  etc has  become an issue during Diwali. Today Vishal Dadlani tweeted about how we can save money from Diwali and use to help poor people. Mr. Dadlani, the amount of money people spend on such festivals is quite less than those high profile parties that you attend rest of the year, why don’t you ask your colleagues to stop partying and save the money and donate it to the poor. But who am I arguing to? This man has a twitter display picture of a cartoon made by Aseem Trivedi who is a competitor for nation’s this year Chutiya number 1 prize. That makes Mr. Vishal Chutiya number 2 of this country.  Same for rest of the intelligent crowd, I bet most of you don’t even look at those kids selling dolls and magazines at traffic signals let alone be helping them. You all are just big time hypocrites.
2.       Air Pollution: This is the most general retarded thing to talk about.  You people don’t use public  transport, use personal vehicles, don’t follow carpooling and yet cry about pollution that happens for few hours? Really lame.
3.       Sound Pollution: If crackers create noise pollution then what about loud music on loudspeaker and honking constantly does? No one ever reports about how horns making companies don’t follow rules most of the time and cross the standard decibel rules. 
4.        My crackers don’t let you sleep: Again a retarded argument, you spend all night online are for one night you get a hard urge to take a nap? If noise of crackers is so disturbing then what about people who play loud music all night and don’t let neighbours  sleep? Back in my days we used to joke about all this but today jokes are replaced with all retarded one liners and don’t let me get started on that irritating car lock alarm that starts making noise even if a leaf falls on it.
5.       Awwwww, poor dogs: A picture on FB is circulating about a dog asking everyone not to tie crackers on his tail this Diwali. Why not post pictures of people who everyday beat dogs with stones and sticks, cripple them and leave them to die. You guys won’t even stop if you see a dog crossing the street while you are driving and won’t hesitate for a second to run the poor creature over because then your time is more valuable than the animal’s life.
These are some of the answers to your retarded questions that simply don’t stop because you are an asshole and a fucking hypocrite. People who want to celebrate festivals will celebrate it anyways and don’t give a fuck to your rants but you can continue them because everyone knows your life is sad as hell. We can only pity you people. And the celebs who don’t like Diwali, they should try one day without their  SUVs also stop using your cars, refrigerators, AC and other luxuries for a week , this will be better than forcing your anti-celebrations propaganda on me. Do your bit to save the environment. Anyways wishing you all a happy Diwali.

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  1. Pushpreet

    Take it easy boy. Go home to your family, burst some crackers, eat lots of sweets and make merry 🙂

  2. Pushpreet

    .. and damn, turn this word verification off :-/

  3. Anonymous

    Well well.. Arguments and Counter arguments both are presented cleverly. A must read for all those anti-diwali propagandists.I dont buy crackers even but i also dont believe in this hypocrisy.

  4. singh_dr

    Woah! Thought Provoking indeed.Enjoy the festivities, spend time with family and have awesome food, and yeah save the environment.Happy Diwali Anshul 🙂