Delhi to Patna in 50 Rs.

Delhi to Patna in 50 Rs.

I have been travelling in trains for a long time now because no matter what my plans are they always reduce and come to this choice because it is cheap otherwise I try to avoid it at all cost.
Indian railways should provide me with some concession for the frequency at which I use their service. The number of times my money has got stuck with IRCTC will make anyone not to use that site and still I get into the trap, always. 
Last week I got in this trap again and thanks to Indian Railways and IRCTC I had to travel from Delhi to Patna with 50 rs with me. I was returning from Goa to Mumbai, at that moment I had some 2000 bucks in my ATM, I was so much eager to leave for my sister’s marriage that I decided to leave a day earlier for Delhi from Mumbai despite having ticket for next day in waiting. I asked my brother in Mumbai to look for tickets and despite tickets being available IRCTC stopped responding for him. I asked another friend to do the same and texted him my card details. After half an hour he called me back informing that the transaction has failed but I’ll get my money back in 7 days maximum. 
As a result I had to go to Delhi one day late and that is another story how I reached there.
I know this is foolery of highest degree possible but yet I did it. I still had some 2000 rs with me and I was damn sure it’ll finish in no time.
With 2000 rs gone in IRCTC blackhole, I reached Delhi on a waiting ticket and skipping that story and my sister’s marriage came the day when I had to return to Patna, on eve of my sister’s reception. Also those 2000 rs were gone into buying new shoe and stuffs for the marriage ceremony and all I had was some 200 rs left with me. 
I was missing my sister a lot and my train was in evening and then miracle happened. No, my sister didn’t appeared in front of me out of nowhere, my train got late for 6 hours. Normally trains arrive late at station but this train was special, I mean holiday special and its departure from the source station was some 6 hour delayed. I got a chance to attend the reception and then leave for station which was nearby. 
Delhi Traffic and Marriage season don’t work and even when I left for reception at 8:30 I got stuck in traffic and finally managed to reach the venue finally after some 2 hours. My train’s departure time was coming nearby so after spending 15 minutes at reception hall I rushed toward the station praying that I don’t miss the train.
And after I reached the station the train was delayed for an hour more due to technical difficulties.
I was on a literal FFFFUUUU mode I could have spent some more time, I missed having that awesome food and I had to run. Seriously FFFFUUUUU Indian railways.
The time the train finally left the station for the destination I was left with 100 rs with me, I was so bored and hungry that I don’t even know that where did I spent rest of the money. 
People say I keep looking for troubles and misadventures but trust me I don’t control Indian railways, I was warned about this train but yet I took a chance only because it was cheap and tickets were available.
Next morning I woke up and realized that the train had no pantry car. Good for me now days a rotten veg thali costs more than lunch at KFC. I was hungry like hell and there was nothing to eat or drink. I remember a station where people were selling lunch from Comesum whose price was enough to make me feel not hungry. Finally I had guavas and pakodas at Allahabad station and I was finally reduced to 50 rs in my pocket. Allahabad station is my favorite station in whole UP because of the awesome guavas and you can find Hindi books that you won’t get at railways stations all over the country.
Sad, the money I had was not enough to buy anything else from that station and the train left. Still 11 hours were left for Patna and train was running 6 hour late.
I don’t remember how I passed rest of the 11 hours, all I remember is that for first time in my life it took me 24 hours to reach Patna that too when I am not counting the time by which train got delayed in Delhi itself. I got on station, had awesome chole bhaturey only in 20 rs and then reached home without a single penny in my pocket except for the tempo fare. 
If this stupid train was on time then I would have reached home by 10 in the morning but nothing in my life goes straight. The next time I am travelling in train I’ll make sure if the train has pantry car or not.

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  1. Pushpreet

    I sometimes feel, I have been very unlucky not to have travelled in trains as much as I would have wished .. but certainly not as much as you do :p

  2. Ravi Keshri

    It is not an strange situation specially for these so called special trains. I too belongs from Patna, was standing at Bihta station at 3 O clock in the evening to catch my train to Bihiya, then I saw a special train reached there and stayed there approx 2 hrs..

  3. BML

    u write so well but make sure ur font and background is good enough for easy reading. I hope you know what I am trying to say