For once in our life we have to make that one decision, that can change our life! That is, about their future. About what they wish to become; how one is going to carry on…And everybody makes that one decision, the one decision that can make or break us.

This post is not about decision making process, if you are looking for that then please leave. I am only talking about my experience in making that decision, rather.

I am not one of those responsible types, I do what I wish to do what I want to do. I never cared about anything, not that I do now! But definitely, I’m now, loads better than what I was, before!

One day, may be, my head was working in the right way.. I just decided, that I got to decide something about my future!

There came a time when I say and started thinking about what next. Something stable was needed … I wanted to know”. But a voice, inside me, spoke; “YOU..make a “decision”.. Are you in a mood to joke?..”. I wondered who the hell was this, trying to make fun of what I was thinking? The voice replied “I am YOU”. ” YOU are me? Then who am I”?

Such deep thoughts and voices in my head warned me not to fall in that decision making trap but then I always do what I wish to do.

I don’t do the thinking part… The dreaming part is made for me… I can dream, indeed, if that is what I am made for..And I would pass it on to others… That’s what I realized from that little incident…
But I still could not figure out what I must do as a dreamer… I, who dream, must dream of a way, how not to dream.. or rather… dream of waking up…!?

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