Day Trip to Sasaram – Best Itinerary and Solo Travel Guide

Sasaram holds a historical significance for not only the history of Bihar but for India too. Sasaram was once the capital of the Suri dynasty. It is a wonderful place for history lovers. Being only 3 hours from Patna, Sasaram is ideal for a day trip in Bihar.

Sasaram is known for the Mausoleum of Sher Shah Suri which still defines the identity of this town. When we talk about places to visit in Sasaram, this is the only name that we get to know about it. But, there are several other tombs and historical structures that make Sasaram an ideal offbeat tourist spot.

In May 1545, during the siege on Kalijar, Sher Shah was injured when a rocket ricocheted and exploded. The royal physicians applied generous quantities of sandalwood paste and poured volumes of rose water on the wounds hoping that it will relive the emperor of the intolerable pain. Sher Shah Suri, the King of Hindustan died on May 13th. The emperor was laid rest in a makbara or mausoleum, at his home town in Sasaram. The construction of his tomb completed on 16 August 1545, three months after the emperor’s death.

The tomb was designed by Alawal Khan. It is an octagonal tomb is in the centre of the pond is approached by a connecting bridge. It is popularly known as Pani Roza and is housed at the centre of a square lake with each side measuring about 427 meters.

Sher Shah ruled India between 1540- 45 and was able to achieve some incredible milestones during this time. He connected his empire through Grand Trunk Road which is still one of the major backbones of Indian trade.

Sasaram is not just famous for Sher Shah Suri’s Tomb. There are many lesser known attractions among the other places to visit in Sasaram. His father Hasan Shah and Son Islam Shah are also buried in different tombs not far from each other.

Reaching Sasaram

Sasaram is connected with Patna via Train and Bus. It takes 3 to 4 hours to reach the city. You will find autorickshaws that will show you around the city for 350 rs. This will include multiple tombs and some temples. There are multiple trains from Howrah and New Delhi that take 10-15 hours to reach Sasaram.

Tomb of Hasan Khan and Islam Khan

500 metres away from the main mausoleum is the tomb of Hasan Khan, Sher Shah’s father. It is a smaller version of the tomb but in dilapidated condition. Locally, it is known as Sukha Roza. Unlike Sher Shah’s Tomb, there are no Chatris in the corners. The tomb also contains the mortal remains of Sher Shah’s mother.

Isam Khan’s tomb was never completed. The ruins are a km away from his father’s tomb.

You can also visit Alawal Khan’s Tomb and Khandhar Fort. These underrated places to visit in Sasaram are near Kaderganj.  

Pilot Baba Temple, Sasaram

Pilot Baba temple is a spread in a massive area with a number of attractions. There is a massive Shiva statue at the entrance along with temple complex which is filled with ornate structures of different historical figures, gods and goddesses.

Where to stay in Sasaram

Sasaram has many hotels near railway station. A good AC hotel will cost you around 800-1200 rs for a night. But if you are only interested in a day trip, you can return to Patna, the same day.

What to eat in Sasaram

Sasaram has typical Bihari street food which includes Litti Chokha, Kebabs and Biryani

How to visit Rohtasgarh Fort from Sasaram or Patna

Rohtasgarh fort is 100 km away from Sasaram. It will take 4 hours to reach the fort so you’ll have to keep a day extra in hand. If you are solo traveling in Sasaram on a budget then it will be a good idea to take a bus to Rohtas (there are buses for Rohtas from Patna as well). Only Jeeps and SUVs go on the top of the fort but if you are interested in trekking then you can easily do that.

Best time to visit Sasaram and Rohtas Fort

Summers get really hot in Sasaram so it will be the best if you planned your travel between late September and early March. This way your Sasaram travel experience will be the best and you will be able to explore all the places to visit in Sasaram with ease.

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