Dancing Queens of Konyak Tribe

The Konyak Community is one of the natives of Nagaland who reside in Mon and Longwa towns. Their are indigenous people and are still connected to their roots and traditions.

Aoling Festival or Aoleang Festival is celebrated in the month of April. It is a harvest festival that signifies the beginning of the next crop season. It is an important festival of North East India and falls around the same date as Bihu.

Last year, 5000 Konyak women gathered to perform their traditional dance. They went ahead and created a world record. Aoling Festival is also one of the many mini Hornbill festivals that is celebrated in the state.

Check out this vlog on this dance performance and experience the warmth and enthusiasm of this community.

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  1. Courtney Byrneheim

    I wasn’t aware of Nagaland before you post. Thank you for increasing my awareness of cultures and communities within India and the surrounding regions. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Farukh

    This must be a landmark festival as 5000 Konyak women takes part in it.

  3. josypheen

    I love hearing their voices in harmony, it is pretty haunting, but beautiful! I also love that you can see sooo many people have gathered to watch them up on the hill!

  4. Sandy N Vyjay

    The North East houses some of the beautiful and pristine gems of India. Nagaland is one of them, such a vibrant and colourful culture. The Konyak tribe and their dances are so enchanting.

  5. Sarah Carpenter

    This looks like such an interesting part of India to visit. Especially when this festival takes place. It is so interesting to learn more about other cultures.

  6. Jeremy

    5000 people dancing in sync ! That’s not an easy task ! Must have been an experience watching it live ! Thanks for sharing your video so we can experience it from home too ! =)

  7. Tania Muthusamy

    So lovely to see so many women coming together and performing. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to rehearse.

  8. Wow! Very interesting! We’ve never heard of any of these places you mention here. We had to look them up to realize that it’s in India, a huge country we still not to explore someday!

  9. Kez

    Wow! I love that they’re keeping their culture alive and it’s amazing how 5000 people manage to synchronise their movements.

  10. Cherryl

    Wow, that’s an impressive performance, so many people…