Crushes on Married/Older Women

Crushes on Married/Older Women

This topic came up a few days back while chatting to some friends because I often say that I have had a lot of crushes on women older than me. Some of them are married and also have kids. I think that this is normal wonder how many guys have a similar story like me and how many accept it? I don’t know because I have not come across any such survey or done such surveys

There is another friend who has crushes on older women but he never had a crush on a married woman I remember when I was in 8th I had crush on a girl who was doing her masters. She was so awesome that I can’t even describe, but then she got married next year.

I don’t have a crush on every random married woman that I come across the other day. Like my normal crushes or girls I prefer dating I have certain criteria that I follow before having one. I think I’ll like any woman with good sex appeal and a sense of humor. It is not that crush will change into love, not even date is possible with kind of life I live.

Do you think I am retarded (I believe I am) Is having crush on married women and that also when they have kid(s) natural? Now don’t call me a pervert coz I am not doing anything like that. I think its just another force of attraction :-\

If you are a married women then I may have a crush on you and if you are a married man, you would probably be keeping your wife away from me!

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