Concept of Regional Hatred.

Concept of Regional Hatred.

Regional hatred is a funny thing, not only in this country but all around the world. Cracking jokes and making fun of people based on states is something different and hating them for no apparent reason is simply lame and stupid. It starts from a very small region and then broadens and becomes big. But it comes with terms and conditions applied, that means I hate you but that can be overlooked depending on the situation.
I was born in Jharkhand then known as Bihar, spent my childhood in Bihar and Jharkhand, lived in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and such. In Bihar people can hate you for any reason. You can be hated depending on your case or what language you speak eg. A Maithili Speaking person is not welcomed in Bhojpuri speaking area. They’ll be forced to learn Bhojpuri if they want to survive in that area. People from Ara hate Chapra people, North Bihar, South Bihar, East and West all hate each other. Hell we even have colony rivalries.
See how from Colony it broadens and becomes cities and districts and language. It simply gets bigger. Now when you step out of Bihar this gets even bigger. When I was in Assam I came to know they hate Bengalis and Biharis, my Bihari friends studying in Punjab tell me that Punjabis hate you if you are from UP, Bihar, MP etc etc. Sometimes I feel every state needs a Raj Thakrey so that we all get even.
I then spent 6 years in Bangalore and it turned out all this bulshit is based on nothing but hypocrisy.
When you move to South India, no one counts you as a Bihari or a Punjabi or a Bong or anything. If you are from North India, you are a North Indian and you will be hated by every South Indian.  So now there is no Ara vs Chapra, Maithili vs Bhojpuri, North Bihar vs South Bihar, Bengal vs Assam, Punjab vs Bhaiyas etc. It all bonds and becomes “WE ARE NORTH INDIANS, WE MUST STAY UNITED.” Funny, aint it?
When both North Indians and South Indians get out of country, they all become Indians first then something else because as our number goes down the fear of strong no more begins taking over. I am waiting for the day we start migrating to some other planet and we all become Earth people. Just take Pakistan’s example. They keep barking against India sitting in their home but once they land here they get beaten up like street dogs because they are less in number.
In short, anyone who hates someone on basis of some place has never stepped out of their area of dominance till now. After all Apni gali ka kutta bhi sher hota hai.

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  1. Anonymous

    well.. Agree with you !! But being a gujarati, i never felt this regional hatred…! Looks like gujaratis are welcomed everywhere. You know money is a great leveller. Thats why we people do not mind in doing business with anyone whether he is punjabi or madrasi or bengoli ! Social evils like regionalism and casteism are dark spots on humanity especially for Indian Society.P.S : remember east-coast & west-coast rivalry ?

  2. Sunny Parampil

    Hahaha, you really bring satire to real life issues. Love reading your blogs. Continue the good work 🙂

  3. Neha

    I loved this one! 🙂