College wala love

College wala love

People talk a lot on topic of how and when love life should start, bringing stupid questions like correct age etc. But I don’t think there is some correct age or time. In Bollywood movies actors are shown in love since childhood. That may be possible but I think college life is the appropriate time to have a proper affair.

Why am I writing this blog? Because last night’s discussion over daru made me think about this and now I am sitting writing about it as I cannot talk further.

I fell for this girl on 1st week of my college itself. She was a simple one, no make up, salwar kameez clad , armed with books to compensate for the expensive fees of the college with her good grades. Since I was shy at that time I had no idea how to interact so I looked into attendance register to find out her name. We slowly became good friends with time, probably because I always helped her with assignments( Ohh yeah I was this sincere student, first year engineering you see).

Slowly I realized that I was not of her types also she had no interest in getting in a relationships. My dreams were shattered, I never let her know about my feelings. She is still my best friend but there is nothing that could happen between us.

But life goes on, things change like the times I have found out that love can happen even in office life, at a family function and even at bus stop.

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