Close Enounters of the Mouse Kind

I remember Karni Mata Temple from an episode of Maano ya na Maano hosted by Irfan Khan. He talked about this place and the legend associated with it.

It was very creepy to see mice running around the temple premises and devotees feeding them with so much love.

It is famous as The Mouse Temple of India, Karni Mata temple is located in Deshnoke, Bikaner

Karni mata temple  (2)

Later with Buzzfeedization of Indian media this place turned into an offbeat destination every Indian must visit.

Karni mata temple  (1)Bikaner Backpacking  (3)

Karni Mata is the mother goddess of Rajasthan. You’ll find her temple in every city. I have been to Karni Mata temple in Udaipur.

In Bikaner, the temple is located in Deshnoke. If you are traveling from Delhi by train then the station will arrive before Bikaner, usually trains don’t stop here but I was lucky and I was spared from the pain of visiting traveling to Bikaner and returning here again.

Karni mata temple  (3)

The premises make you believe that there is nothing inside. You walk inside wondering if the legends are true.

Bikaner Backpacking  (2)

Bikaner Backpacking  (1)

 You start finding these little ones first. You think, ‘ok there are a few mouse here and there.’ But then…

Bikaner Offbeat  (2)Bikaner mouse templeBikaner mouse temple 2

There have been the first devotees of the temple, any prassad is not given to the human devotees before these mice taste them first.

Bikaner Offbeat  (1)

The temple is filled with mice. Running around while the devotees walk around without any disgust. EVEN WOMEN, who would rather jump over the bed instead of feeding them here.

Karni mata temple

Who would have thought that closeup shot of a mouse will excite me so much.

Karni mata temple bikaner

When you see it…

Karni mata mouse temple


Karni mata temple bikaner 2mouse temple of india

A visit to this temple bring your beliefs and the devotion of the people at a close encounter. When I left the topic kept running in my mind before I gave up thinking about it. .

Visiting this temple is an experience I would recommend that everyone must have. Bikaner is still not that huge on tourist map despite there is so much to explore. So before the tourists arrive here, go explore as much as you can.

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