Clean bowled on the Radio

Clean bowled on the Radio

I don’t watch cricket much nor do I prefer hearing it on radio. Few days back I was in my hometown and we were having power cut for like 3 days continuous. I guess it was T-20 match between India and Pakistan and my brother was hearing it on the radio. Sitting next to him I got to listen this pre match discussion between two experts.

Host: tell us Mr. Expert 1 wat do u think? who will win 2day?
expert 1 : I think Pakistan will win.
expert 2 : I think India will definately win today.
expert 1 : I also think India will win (?) . Pakistan will win only if they play well!!!! (ok we believe u)

(Host cracks a lame joke. nervous laughter by everyone)

host : its time 2 take questions from the listeners. so please call in and ask the panel your questions!
Caller 1: hello
host : ji hello, kya sawaal he aapka?
caller 1 : hellooo
host : ji aapka radio off kardijiye, aur apna sawaal poochiye
caller 1: India jeetega! (call ends)
host : ahem! ji hum bhi aasha rakhte he ki India aaj jeetega, agla sawaal sunte hain
caller 2 : hello
host : hello, aapka sawaal?
caller 2: india aaj jeetega! (expecting an applause)
host : (ignores) agle caller humaare saath hain.
caller 3: (mumble mumble mumble)
host : ji kaunsi bhaasha main bol rahe hain aap?
caller 3 : ji main haryana se bol raha hoon
host : namashkar aapka SAWAAL kya he?
caller 3 : main yeh kehna chahta hoon ki aaj india match jeetegi.
Host : (nervous laughter) ab hum chalte hain stadium main aur sunte hain toss ke baare main…..

If India Pak matches are this predictable then what is the use to watching/listening it with so much passion? By the way this predictability is something that always amuses me.

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  1. Aparajita Singh

    LOL but still i would say ki apne competitor ko kabhi kam nahi smjhna chaiye chahe koi bhi ho kyuki India ka koi bharosa nahi 😛