Cinepolis – The Worst Theater Chain in India

Cinepolis – The Worst Theater Chain in India

Name a theater chain that brags about branches all over the world that only includes its presence in some of the poorest countries in Latin America and Asia. These countries are hunting grounds for money churning multinational companies. The theater chain that has its branches in some of the 3rd tier cities of the country like Patna and Amritsar along with Bangalore and Mumbai where they have to compete with a number of Multiplexes that offer much better facilities compared to this particular Multiplex. Yes you guessed it rightly – Its Cinepolis.

I am not going to start an economic class in this post, everyone knows how it works. I am talking about the shortcut Cinepolis has acquired to churn the money from the moviegoers in small cities like Patna because they don’t have much options.

Cinepolis Patna is making a fool out of people of Patna for 3 years now, the only multiplex probably in entire country where watching a movie often reaches around 300 bucks on a weekend, for any weekday the price will barely come down to 160 to 180 bucks that is still more than a majority of bigger multiplexes like PVR and Inox where you can watch a movie in 50 bucks on specific days.

The seating arrangement in this multiplex is the worst, doesn’t matter if you sit in the front row that is just a few steps behind or in the last row. The ticket price won’t vary, the 200 bucks will remain 200 because probably people of Patna are not updated that in other cities the price of tickets vary with the seating order.

On any fine day you can check bookmyshow’s website and compare the prices with multiplexes in other cities and notice the difference on a large margin. Just because we don’t have options to select from doesn’t mean that theaters get the right to charge whatever they want to in the name of average movie watching conditions and overpriced food.

People are just waiting, the moment another multiplex starts in the city with better and cheaper offers they’ll leave their old beloved looting multiplex for the new one.

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