Chasing rain in Jharkhand: A Photo Essay

Chasing rain in Jharkhand: A Photo Essay

Last month I was returning from my native Jhumri Telaiya to Patna, as the train passed through the valleys of Chotnagpur region, looking at the clouds increased my lust to chase the monsoon. Jharkhand is one of the few underrate and ignored spots in terms of tourism and travel. For me it was a chance to explore the pristine beauty that these places offer, simply untouched where you can see nature in its full form.

While the train passed from these valleys filled with clouds I decided to visit Jharkhand in August.

Places visited, Jhumri Telaiya, Koderma.

Ranchi via Hazaribagh, Patratu and Ramgarh


Jamshedpur – Dimna Lake, Dalma Hills


Mode of transport.




Auto rikshaw

A threewheeler with a cart attached (I am yet to give it a name)



1 jharkhand rain 2 jharkhand

Finally the day arrived when I boarded the train early morning going to Koderma and as we reached the boarder of Jharkhand this is how I was welcomed. Before starting the trail I was confused and worried that what and why am I doing this, but once I saw the clouds descending over the mountains I knew that I am doing the right thing. 4 jharkhand

My first stop Jhumri Telaita showed the first sign of rain, I was kind of worried what if it continues raining like this and I miss bus for Ranchi. 7 jharkhand

Next morning I left for Ranchi and decided to take a detour around Barhi/Hazaribagh. The whole area was surrounded by lush greenery and I saw this traditional house in middle of no-where.8 jharkhand

The Jawahar Ghati looked beautiful with greenery all over the place. 9 jharkhand

While going from Telaiya to Ranchi, I passed through Telaiya dam built on Damodar river,10 jharkhandfollowed by the lush green surroundings that Patratu valley offered.

12 Jharkhand 13 Jharkhand

I took a stop at Patratu valley in middle of no-where, I walked to a distance and saw this seasonal waterfall that is formed every where in season of monsoon.14 Jharkhand

Next day after I reached Ranchi I took a bus for Netarhat. The untouched, pristine beauty that this place offered during the monsoons was simply incredible. 16 jharkhandIn the route of Ranchi and Netarhat, this waterfall showed up in middle of nowhere. Too bad that trekking was no possible because of slippery rocks and leeches in the forest.

18 jharkhand 19 jharkhand

The third day when traveling from Ranchi to Jamshedpur I passed through this water structure, they call kaccha bandh or dam. 20 jharkhand

Jamshedpur was about to rain, the clouds formed over Subanrekha river. I took this pic from the bridge on my way to Dimna lake. 21 Jharkhand

And then it rained.22 Jharkhand

From Jamshedpur I had to go to Bokaro where my trip was going to end. It was another journey through hills and valley.23 Jharkhand

The outer Bokaro offers much greenery with mountains on a distance. This pic was taken just before the bus entered Bokaro.  24 Jharkhand

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