Chasing Monsoon in Jamshedpur – In the wilderness of Dalma Hills

Chasing Monsoon in Jamshedpur – In the wilderness of Dalma Hills

After I was done getting drenched in monsoon showers of Ranchi and Netarhat I took a bus for Jamshedpur as my third destination. The monsoons followed me from Ranchi on a bumpy bus running on the most shaky road one can imagine. The views outside were simply great

1 jamsshedpur

The hills of Chotanagpur that run between Ranchi and Jamshedpur were covered in fog and clouds early in the morning. 1 jsr

7 jsr
More fog covered hillocks on my way to Jamshedpur.


8 jsr





This followed just before entering Jamshedpur, green fields waiting to be harvested.


And so was Jamshedpur, this pic is taken from the bridge that connects city made over Subarnrekha river that was almost flooding as the clouds gathered above the river. 2Jamshedpur

3 Jamshedpur
The main market of Jamshedpur after getting washed up in rain.


After I checked in to Hotel I moved for Dimna lake, a beautiful secluded clear water lake outside of Jamshedpur was covered with mountains and the water was as clear as one can imagine. As I wandered here, clouds begin to gather above the hills.

10 jsrs 11 JSR12 jsr  13 JSR

Next morning I woke up and took a jeep for Dalma hills. These hills form a part of Chotanagpur Plateau. I was told that a visit here during monsoon is going to be worth it and as you can guess from the photo below from the path leading to Dalma how amazing it was.

9 jsr

14 jsr
The area around Dalma Hills.

This one elephant the came out to welcome me to Dalma Wildlife Reserve as I reached here.

15 jsr

16 jsr
A view of Jamshedpur area from top of the mountains.

17 jsr

16 jst
Another family of Elephants roaming in the reserve.
20 jsr
A deer lost in the wilderness.

  On my way down I could see clouds and fog starting to gather around the mountains. But I had to say goodbye to this beautiful place.

18 jsr

Lastly Jamshedpur bid me good bye with this rainbow formed about the city while I moved for my next destination.

21 jsr

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