Chasing Monsoon in Bokaro – A photo Essay

Like every place in Jharkhand I went to chase the monsoon, Bokaro presented me with an endless trail of greenery around me. The outer parts of Bokaro and the path that leads to the city is mountainous and the clouds hover above them ready to rain anytime. The sight that was presented before me was simply mesmerizing.

Bokaro 1

I entered Bokaro early in the morning, the photo above is the road taken to travel to Bokaro and the picture below is the sun rising from the clouds just after which it rained. Bokaro 2

Temple Bokaro
Temple somewhere outside the city
Temple Bokaro 2
Jaggannath Temple in shades of green during the monsoons

Bokaro 4 Unlike many other cities the weather in Jharkhand never goes humid and dry after it rains, instead a cool breeze starts flowing and the weather becomes pleasant.

Bokaro 5
                 The premises of Bokaro railway station washed out with mild drizzle
    City Market washed out after rains in the evening.

Bokaro 7 Bokaro is known for few of its beautiful lakes, like this one that provides some amazing views of Bokaro steel city from its edge while dark clouds hover above the steel plants.  Bokaro 8

Bokaro 10
Pleasant surroundings of Aaiyappa Mandir, in sector 5. The evenings in Bokaro during monsoons are the most beautiful ones.
Bokaro 12
                                 The greenery that surrounds Topchanchi Dam

Bokaro 134 Next morning I took a ride for Topchanchi dam, the views on the way were mindblowing. The sad part was I couldn’t take many pictures as it kept raining during my ride but I got to see some amazing views in my path.Bokaro rain 1I left Bokaro next morning as my Jharkhand Monsoon trail ended. Too bad that it doesn’t rain for more months so that I could continue chasing rains at some different place at some different time.

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