Patna’s Legacy – Chandrakala Shops of New Market

I remember being 8 year old, standing on the front of my dad’s scooter, a Bajaj and wandering around Patna during my summer vacation. He would take me to this hidden alley near Patna station and buy me Chandrakala. Delicious pieces of sweetness filled with khoa and dipped in chashni for some time, would taste very yummy. People would eat 3-4 pieces in one go, until they learned about diabetes and started controlling their craving.

Patna local food

This was almost 25 years ago and this new market area near Patna Junction used to be filled with multiple shops selling only Chandrakala, Samosa and Kachori.

best places to eat in Patna

Today, the number of shops has gone down, Patna junction has become more crowded and dirtier, but these shops are still selling the same Chandrakala like they did in the past. Today, only three shops in total exist and you’ll find one hawker hanging around sometimes. New Market is one of the best places to eat in Patna. I remember eating a piece of samosa for 1 rs each. Today, one samosa or a piece of kachori comes for INR 7 each. Same is with Chandrakala and a place with two will cost you INR 14.

What makes Chandrakala iconic for Patna

Chandrakala is one of those sweets that you will not find anywhere in city. The sweet is unique to Patna and there are not many other cities in Bihar where the same is found. There are various styles sweets of similar fillings present in various cities and towns of Bihar. There are Gujhia, Kheerkadam, Rasbhari and a lot more.

best samosa patna

What makes Chandrakala special is that it has a simple texture, nothing over the top, no extra dryfruits or any sort of wrapping and there is not the slightest hint of ghee. Its soft layer makes it really sweet which instantly dissolves in your mouth. No wonder people eat multiple pieces of them.

patna samosa kachori

How to find these Chandrakala shops

When you are in Patna, you’ll probably be staying around the junction area which is also known as Fraser Road. The Shanti Stupa, one of the best places to visit in Patna is located at a walking distance. Here, the crowded, chaotic auto rikshaw stand will take you near New Market. Keep walking until you come near a bunch of small shops in an alley. These are the decades old Chandrakala shops still keeping the taste alive.

Famous patna sweets

The chandrakalas are to die for. If you are hygiene conscious, then it is better that you avoid eating right there and pack some for home.

patna sweet dish

Tasting a plate of these sweets along with samosa will surely give you an experience of travelling in Patna unlike anything else in the world.

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  1. ania

    I don’t know if there is many Patna in India but long time ago i was in one i remember big train station and cow manure drying on the buildings around – very picturesque and very smelly 😉

    1. Eunice Tan

      Never had these snacks before but will definitely give it a try when I visit India in the future. 🙂

  2. Jayne

    I have never heard of these but they look delicious and I’m sure I would love them!

  3. Rayner En Route

    These look so so tasty. Thank you for your great guide. I’ve been wanting to go to India for ages but as a solo female traveler, I’ve been a little overcautious with the safety thing so once I find someone to come with me, off to India I go.

  4. I must admit that I never liked samosa until I tasted one in London East side last December! So when we visit India someday, we’ll try to go to to this place you suggest for some samosas! Thanks for sharing!

  5. dreambookandtravel

    Iconic street markets are so much a part of the soul of a place, and you captured this very well! great piece!

  6. Su Bha Sun

    This post activated salivation.😁😋 I was not aware that the sweet which I have known as Gujhia is called Chandrakala in Bihar. It is indeed among the favourite sweets. And as holi festival is coming, this sweet has its own charm.

  7. Ara Patria

    Wow! This article made me sooooo hungry! I have a sweet tooth and would like to try this in the future.

  8. I love your storytelling style! I really feel like I am right there tasting it! I just love the look of them – like adorable, tasty food!

  9. Astrid Vinje

    I love street food! I’ve never tried Chandrakala, but from your description, it sounds very sweet. I bet it would be fun to watch these treats being made too.

  10. Nina

    That looks a bit similar to a famous food in Indonesia. It looks so delicious!

  11. Chitra

    Thanks for posting an article on this topic and good information. I really enjoyed reading this article which explained everything in very easy manner.