Caught in a brawl

Caught in a brawl

My friends think that most of my travel stories are fiction. Many others think that I like getting into trouble. So you can consider this post as fiction or blame me for all the troubles in my life here is my another misadventure happened most recent.
My father wanted me to visit my uncle’s construction site from a long long time. He just wanted some personal satisfaction and that work is being done properly and as he planned. Dad could have gone by himself but a leg injury won’t allow him to, and trust me, when it comes to travelling he is my father.  
I don’t prefer to travel on weekends in Bihar because there are high chances that some exam would be happening and for some 3-4 seats the entire unemployed population of Bihar would be present there. Mostly in such cases these fucktards become hooligans ransack every train coming by to reach home as soon as possible. Till date I have heard stories about it and might have done once or twice in my entrance days but in a very decent kind of way but when I got share of those collective curses thrown upon us and karma waited for the exact moment to strike.
Anyways, leaving behind the flashbacks let me tell you how I got caught in this situation in the first place. Dad started throwing emotional punchlines like how worthless kind of son I am and blah blah and as usual I got trapped into one. The last time I did this result in me spending 15 days at home without power and 45 degree temperature all the time. So falling for the punches I decided to visit my ancestral home, what more could have happened? Go in the morning, check out the construction, meet some old friends and come back in the evening, a simple plan what could go wrong. The only problem was that it was my plan and when I think what could go wrong, miss destiny accepts the challenge.
So I woke up early, or better say dad woke me up acting like the snooze feature for the morning only he was worse than snooze. He woke me up and as additional torture he went back to sleep. I dragged myself out of bed and after 4 hours I was in the city I grew up, I felt proud, I felt nostalgic and miss destiny made sure I never feel like that ever again. I reached home and had a fight with rikshaw-wala. I was once a self proclaimed don of this city, how dare he ask for wrong fare? I threatened him that I’ll tie him up and trash upside down. This might have scared that rikshawwala but pissed off miss destiny for sure also more curses from that poor rikshaw guy.
I spent time at my home and the one in construction, met some old friends and finally bid everyone goodbye to catch my evening train, only to reach station and see thousands of students returning from some exam. While I had no hopes that I’ll even be able to enter the coach (Which was reserved by that way) still I thought time has changed and maybe I get lucky. WTF was I thinking? Anyways the train came and this crowd rushed into it. It was such force that could have turned over the train itself with a little effort, and apart from getting into compartments in the most uncivilized way possible, they started throwing punches and belts in air, I got few of them on my face and stomach and gave up hopes. Still to vent out frustration I pulled out a guy with belt hurling, pushed him on ground and stomped him black and blue. 
Then I saw some TTs and RPF guys standing in a corner watching that show. So I went to them with some hope that they’ll help, showed them my ticket. TT looked so amused as if he saw someone with a ticket for first time in his life. One RPF guy told me “ abbe Bihari ho, dhakka maro aur ghus jao” seriously? That is your definition of Bihari? While you stand in corner like hijdas I am supposed to enlighten my state’s name. Anyways, wherever I go I carry my camera so I started taking pictures to post on my FB page the next day only to be caught by another RPF guy. This is where his true sense of duty kicked in and he took me to his office or whatever it was. The place was smelling with liquor and was a mosquito paradise. They made me delete those pics and then just made me sit in a corner. In the meanwhile I called home to make some calls from higher order if in case I get into some other trouble. I guess they were just looking for some cash for me to pay in return of my freedom.
Then I started tweeting about the situation so that if something happens proof may exist about what happened. They made me sit for an hours before calls from the higher order started coming. There was like an earthquake in whole office, guess someone got an opportunity to serve in naxalite belt. All sweet talks started and before leaving they ordered biryani for me from a restaurant. While eating that Chicken Biryani somewhat I felt like Kasab. They caught me at 7 PM and I left for home at 9 PM. My friends were already there to pick me up and by their faces I found them more tensed than I ever was.
I missed Bigg Boss and T-20 finals thanks to these incidents, I felt tired like hell and finally got to sleep.  Next morning I woke up and got a passenger train that once used to be a dreaded train to travel because of the crowd it carried but now it sounds like a myth. I reached home after another 6 hour journey, peace was upon me finally. I learnt a lot in those 24 hours, first never misbehave with a poor person, I threatened to tie him and beat up, I got beaten up instead and almost got arrested. Also from now onwards I won’t try to be a savior, let it be done by those whose duty it is otherwise another trouble I land into may not be such an easy way out.  

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  1. Sam's playground

    Seems you've really toned down the ordeal you went through eh? Are you registered with blog adda? Send this for their Saturday/Pick picks…ppl should know about it!

  2. Shruti :)

    Actually No one trusts you :DShool will always Remain a Shool in the Ass 😀