Final hours

He sat in his cell waiting. He was calm like a Buddhist monk.The final moments of his life were reminding him of his past. Even when he wished he doesn't his life was flashing before his eyes. He was trying to make sure he had lived his life till the very end. Guards outside didn't... Continue Reading →

Lost in Mumbai

I have been visiting Bombay for 4 years continuously, somehow it keeps calling me back year after year for some experience or another. But this is not a travel story but is more like a story. Real or fictional depends on your perception. I don’t know why I was so much attracted to this city,... Continue Reading →


"What next?""Are you tired?""No, not yet. What about you?""Not yet, but if I don't find a ride in sometime I'll kill myself.""Ok, lets sit here and then start walking again.""Ok fine, but if a rik or bus passes by I'll leave.""No problem. I'll come later.""Remember today is grocery shopping day.""There is a mall nearby, I... Continue Reading →

Lost Again

Thanks to that co-passenger who helped me remind that my stop was next. I normally remember landmarks and other points on my way so that I reach my destination on time. I thanked that humble unknown guy and started moving toward the exit but I was late, I missed my stop and had to come... Continue Reading →

A Story

I normally don’t write stories and I am not good at it but at times when I have nothing to do thoughts like these come up.There was once a guy simple, reserved and at times he missed someone in his life. People close to him felt that something was eating him upOne day he met... Continue Reading →

Cupboard in the corner.

He was alone in that room, it was dark and he felt a little bit afraid but he needed a place to hide. He kept changing his hiding locations as his heartbeat got stronger and louder. He failed to find a safe location that could protect him from what was coming. Finally he moved to... Continue Reading →

Placebo Effect

Placebo effect is a phenomenon in which the patient gets cured by a medicine which is fake or ineffective, or a surgery which wasn’t really done. e.g: a person had high fever, the doc gives him some pills which have no curing properties in them and yet the patient gets cured. This effect worked on... Continue Reading →

Bas 3 din..

I used to live in Koramangala during my last days in Bangalore in 2012...Us time hum ek Keralite  restaurant pe regularly jate the. Near Forum mall only. The food was so awesome and reasonably priced that I often missed going there.Last week I went to Forum mall with a friend, while returning I thought of... Continue Reading →

Ignited minds: Then and Now

I was reading APJ Kalam’s ignited minds. This book is simply a masterpiece and has a lot to tell. So coming to the point, this book had a paragraph which told about how Thumba became a space research station in 1962 and the story made me think about this country’s mindset now and then.The paragraph... Continue Reading →

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