Crushes on Married/Older Women

This topic came up a few days back while chatting to some friends because I often say that I have had a lot of crushes on women older than me. Some of them are married and also have kids. I think that this is normal wonder how many guys have a similar story like me... Continue Reading →

College wala love

People talk a lot on topic of how and when love life should start, bringing stupid questions like correct age etc. But I don't think there is some correct age or time. In Bollywood movies actors are shown in love since childhood. That may be possible but I think college life is the appropriate time... Continue Reading →

No smoking

I quit smoking in 2010, it was a huge tough process that I went through in this phase as for a person like me for whom smoking was a part of his lunch, dinner and breakfast had all of a sudden deal with absolutely not even touching it.So why am I writing this blog today?... Continue Reading →

Placebo Effect

Placebo effect is a phenomenon in which the patient gets cured by a medicine which is fake or ineffective, or a surgery which wasn’t really done. e.g: a person had high fever, the doc gives him some pills which have no curing properties in them and yet the patient gets cured. This effect worked on... Continue Reading →

Social Networking hype by media.

These days news channels are blaming Social Media for some murder and rape cases where person after meeting a girl on facebook kidnapped and raped her. India TV’s headlines even said facebook can kill you. Well the amount of non-sense of facebook make you feel like killing yourself but muder, well not always.  They say... Continue Reading →

Dating a geek girl

When you are roaming in  landmark make sure that you enter their comic book section. Although I rarely find any girl there but this one I met other day wearing a Batman T-shirt and checking out Thy Kingdom Come by Alex Ross which is one of the most acclaimed run in DC Comics. I immediately... Continue Reading →

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