Cinepolis – The Worst Theater Chain in India

Name a theater chain that brags about branches all over the world that only includes its presence in some of the poorest countries in Latin America and Asia. These countries are hunting grounds for money churning multinational companies. The theater chain that has its branches in some of the 3rd tier cities of the country... Continue Reading →

Crushes on Married/Older Women

This topic came up a few days back while chatting to some friends because I often say that I have had a lot of crushes on women older than me. Some of them are married and also have kids. I think that this is normal wonder how many guys have a similar story like me... Continue Reading →

The World’s Largest YouTube-to-MP3 Converter

After a lengthy courtroom battle, the largest YouTube to MP3 stream ripper has agreed to take the full blame for copyright infringement. Each day, millions of people head to to rip their favorite videos into MP3 files. Now, in a proposed settlement agreement, YouTube to MP3 site owner Philip Matesanz has agreed to shut... Continue Reading →

College wala love

People talk a lot on topic of how and when love life should start, bringing stupid questions like correct age etc. But I don't think there is some correct age or time. In Bollywood movies actors are shown in love since childhood. That may be possible but I think college life is the appropriate time... Continue Reading →

No smoking

I quit smoking in 2010, it was a huge tough process that I went through in this phase as for a person like me for whom smoking was a part of his lunch, dinner and breakfast had all of a sudden deal with absolutely not even touching it.So why am I writing this blog today?... Continue Reading →

Placebo Effect

Placebo effect is a phenomenon in which the patient gets cured by a medicine which is fake or ineffective, or a surgery which wasn’t really done. e.g: a person had high fever, the doc gives him some pills which have no curing properties in them and yet the patient gets cured. This effect worked on... Continue Reading →

Social Networking hype by media.

These days news channels are blaming Social Media for some murder and rape cases where person after meeting a girl on facebook kidnapped and raped her. India TV’s headlines even said facebook can kill you. Well the amount of non-sense of facebook make you feel like killing yourself but muder, well not always.  They say... Continue Reading →

Dating a geek girl

When you are roaming in  landmark make sure that you enter their comic book section. Although I rarely find any girl there but this one I met other day wearing a Batman T-shirt and checking out Thy Kingdom Come by Alex Ross which is one of the most acclaimed run in DC Comics. I immediately... Continue Reading →

To Write Something

I was thinking of writing a blog for sometime, but had no idea to write about what? Then I started writing this post in total random. So here it is.World : I think the world is going crazy with time, Everywhere you’ll find people acting in a strange and weird way . Everyone is losing... Continue Reading →

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