Lady in the Kitchen

‘My father died 4 year back, my mother followed him a year later. It was a bad time, I lost my job soon after and my relatives all of a sudden forcing me to marry someone of their choice I didn’t even know who he was.’ Walking around shops of Hampi I came across this... Continue Reading →

Hey There

Why it happens that once who used to be best friends stop talking all of a sudden ? Do they really cared for each other? I have experienced this I have seen people talk about it I have hardly seen people taking any step to resolve this issue and then they complain. Can't we give... Continue Reading →


First of all I thought about lot of titles for this blog but even after half an hour I couldn’t come up with one. Second, I was writing a blog on occasion of Rakhi about how awesome my sisters are but then at a point it changed into this. Now I have decided to post... Continue Reading →

So you think you can talk

There are people, who talk and there are people who don’t and then there are people who love talking. The person I am going to talk here is none of the above. For a person like me who can go on and on talking non-stop has hardly got someone with the same talking powers until... Continue Reading →

Journey of a tweeter

Before you start reading this blog I want to clarify that this blog was not inspired from anyone else’s blog, in-fact I was planning to write this for a long time but laziness was not letting me do it. Also grammar Nazis beware, I am going to disappoint you.  Ok so here is a blog... Continue Reading →

Travelling with my dad

We were going to Ajmer Shreef, at Kanpur station my brother got out of train to take buy a bottle and train moved. The train was still in its slow mode buy my father went nervous and pulled the chain. My brother then arrived from another side and told that he got into another boggy... Continue Reading →

Ignited minds: Then and Now

I was reading APJ Kalam’s ignited minds. This book is simply a masterpiece and has a lot to tell. So coming to the point, this book had a paragraph which told about how Thumba became a space research station in 1962 and the story made me think about this country’s mindset now and then.The paragraph... Continue Reading →

Diwali: celebrating hypocrisy

Less than a week left for Diwali and smart, careful, sensitive people have already  talking, posting and tweeting about how harmful the festival is. I am not going to give a lecture about how this is a part of our religion and culture, I just want to inform that if you are one of them... Continue Reading →

Concept of Regional Hatred.

Regional hatred is a funny thing, not only in this country but all around the world. Cracking jokes and making fun of people based on states is something different and hating them for no apparent reason is simply lame and stupid. It starts from a very small region and then broadens and becomes big. But... Continue Reading →

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