Bollywood 2015 – A short review

2015 will be remembered when Bollywood set new records. From mega crapbuster, 500+ cr earning, MSG to the super sanskari Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, all went ahead to set new records. While filmmakers tried their best to make this year known for quality cinema, it was Pahlaj Nihlani who set a new milestone with his... Continue Reading →

Song Analysis – Mai Alcoholic Hoon

Kids, when I was young Jagjeet Singh and Pakanj Udaas used to make the best alcohol songs. Since then we have come a long way to songs like Char Bottle Vodka and now Mai Alcoholic Hoon. It becomes terrible when you realize that the movie Shoukeens stars three talented actors Om Puri, Raghubeer Yadav and... Continue Reading →

WTF Movie review – Bang Bang

How can someone remake an already bad movie and change into something even worse (with better looking actors), is that even possible? If you think the answer is no then you are probably wrong and you haven’t seen Bang Bang. Just a clarification – This is not a Sunny Leone movie. Best part about this... Continue Reading →

The epicness called Bhaitards

 It was one of the cold December afternoons when my cousin forcefully took me to watch Dabangg 2. This was my first encounter with the legends called Bhaitards. A crowd of hetrosexual males cheering and probably orgasming over shirtless Salman Khan, shouting and hooting to go topless while fighting the villain n all that. I... Continue Reading →

Krrish is a state of mind

All I was looking for a little bit of family time and in return I fell victim of Krrish 3. Many compare about this movie that the stunts and graphics are nowhere close to Hollywood superhero flicks but the problem is that the makers actually thought that they’ll compete with the Hollywood superhero genre. Just... Continue Reading →

Analyzing Raghupati Raghav from Krishh 3

Note: Readers with Sarcasm deficiency please don’t read this post any further. While I was traveling I came across this amazing mind blowing song from Krishh 3 that was being teased as a mind blowing dance number by Hritik Roshan. One fortunate day I finally witnessed the masterpiece that Rajesh Roshan gave us after a... Continue Reading →

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