Some people make you feel lonely

Have you ever met someone who has made you feel how lonely you are? Have you ever met someone you reminds you about your past? Have you ever met someone who reminds you what you used to be and now what you are, someone who reminds you about your life and journey from where it... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Being Single

I sometimes get to hang around with my friends who are in a relationship. Sometimes I feel inspired, at times I feel sad that I am so alone in this world. Then there are times when I meet a pretty girl with common friends and wish if she was my girlfriend. There are times when... Continue Reading →

18 till I Die *Conditions applied*

Last night had a much needed change.. that too in a friend's farmhouse with chicken biryani for good luck and soft drinks to keep me company and a lot of beer....ohh and of course watching my friends waltzing around on the tunes of 'sandese ate hain' was another fringe benefit...!!! And then someone changed the track... Continue Reading →

Time Changes – Manipal.

Back in 2007 when I visited Manipal for first time it used to be a beautiful place. Till date most of the places I have traveled my first experience with Manipal was really amazing. But that was back in 2007 and then I got a chance to visit this city again, what I saw was... Continue Reading →

Concept of दर्द-ए-जुदाई

दिल्ली से पटना ट्रेन से आ रहे थे तो साथ वाली सीट पर एक लड़का फ़ोन पर अपनी गर्लफ्रेंड से लगा हुआ था। कोई बात पर दोनों में लड़ाई हो रही थी। लड़का कभी गुस्साता कभी सेन्टियता कभी रोने कि एक्टिंग करता लेकिन लड़की भी तेज़ लग रही थी, नहीं मानी तो नहीं मानी। लड़का... Continue Reading →

Wishlist 2014

New Year Resolutions are made to be broken or do they? Last year I made a wishlist and completed half of them in first 6 months. I learned driving, read more, traveled more and ate a lot of new stuffs but the year ended I was on my way for anger management, brought new cellphone... Continue Reading →

We must Stereotype

We are born humans so it’s our job to stereotype other human beings. Stereotyping in fun otherwise what else is there in our empty lives without being judgmental. This girl, she consumes alcohol goes to parties so I being a small town guy must stereotype her as a easy going girl ready to get laid.... Continue Reading →

Reality Check!

What are we waiting for? We all now that life never goes smooth. Yet we keep so much expectations from it.. We dream..dream big...dream unbelievable things..We know it wont become a reality..Ever..But..Who cares! we are here to dream We are here to build hopes, let them be false or true...Learn what life is...Set yourself free,... Continue Reading →

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