Wishlist 2015

I know a lot of people consider it obsolete and will tell you that wishlists never gets fulfilled. But considering the fact that I completed 7 out of 11 wishes in 2014 makes me think otherwise. So a new year and a complete new set of wishes, things are going materialistic now, I need new... Continue Reading →

My greatest fear

I have had this fear all my life. I dont know why, but it scares the hell out of me. Fear that of being alone, of no one loving me and I'll have no one in my life. I have lived and traveled alone all my life. I am capable of doing fine on my... Continue Reading →

Things that get better with time

You'll always get to hear how wine, scotch and art gets better with time. Ask a girl and she'll probably add George Clooney in the list, ask a nerd and he'll say the same about Sir. Patrick Stewart but there are things in my experience that have only gotten better as I grew up. I... Continue Reading →

How Pran Sir influenced my childhood

    Pran Kumar Sharma, a name, an icon, a legend that influenced so many people who grew up reading his comics in the 90s. I was one of the kids who grew up reading diamond comics and adventures of Chacha Chowdhary, Billu, Raman, Pinky, Shrimati Ji and so many characters that he created. Along with Mr.... Continue Reading →

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