First of all I thought about lot of titles for this blog but even after half an hour I couldn’t come up with one. Second, I was writing a blog on occasion of Rakhi about how awesome my sisters are but then at a point it changed into this. Now I have decided to post... Continue Reading →

So you think you can talk

There are people, who talk and there are people who don’t and then there are people who love talking. The person I am going to talk here is none of the above. For a person like me who can go on and on talking non-stop has hardly got someone with the same talking powers until... Continue Reading →


We all have that one person in our group who cracks maximum number of practical jokes and makes people angry with their antiques. We all know someone you can pull anyone’s legs until they give up and go on panic mode (PS: That’s not me). One person about who you tell ‘don’t trust what he... Continue Reading →

Through the pages of a book

I gave up after think about a suitable title for this post, I am still thinking. The person I am dedicating this blog for is like that only. Try to understand her and everytime you do, you’ll find something new about her. She is like a book of short stories where one story has no... Continue Reading →

Saket AKA Lomdi

He is the person responsible for most of my cycle repairs for 2-3 years, his trademark hit my cycle from behind by his cycle caused disaster. He wass always thee whenever I fell down from my cycle, mostly because he used to be responsible for it. He punctured its tire, broke breaks, pulled out seat... Continue Reading →

The Lady Dabangg

I left Bangalore some time back but still there are things and people I left there and I miss them badly. This blog is about one such person who actually demanded me to write about her so after a lot of mind makeup I came up with this. Very few people you meet online turn out... Continue Reading →

That Dood (dude)

People call him awesome, stud and don’t know what but he isn't. Girls can get angry on me like they usually do. I know girls you love him a lot but it’s a fact, he is no prince charming! Anyway, coming to this guy, I don't know when I met him, usually I do remember... Continue Reading →

That mischievous old friend

There are certain friends everyone got who never miss a chance to annoy the hell out of you. These are the ones you cannot let go no matter how much they try to irritate you because they are the real old friends and you cannot let them go no matter what. By chance I have... Continue Reading →

The Coffee Companions

Finally I got time to continue my Mumbai journey story. I started from Bangalore and rain accompanied me, rain followed everywhere I went. It was there in Tumkur it was there in Satara and then Pune. Checking out twitter feed before reaching my destination clearly showed how people were annoyed and crying because of no... Continue Reading →

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