5 restaurants in South Goa to experience local cuisine

The local Goan Cuisine is amazing, prepared in blend of spices grown in Goa itself the preparation and the menu makes the food simply amazing. The Goan food makes this place a heaven for the foodies and South Goa in particular has a lot of restaurants famous for the local delicacy. Here are few of... Continue Reading →

5 cool cafes in Kasol

Kasol is situated on the banks of Parvati River. This is the best place for the travelers looking for a vacation to just sit around, eat good food and do nothing for days. Coming to the good food part, Kasol has amazing cafes that serve amazing food for a very cheap price. The Israeli food,... Continue Reading →

The Banaras Food Trail

The food of Banaras is a much important feature of this city as important the temples and ghats are. When you are in Banaras you simply cannot miss the variety of food this city has to offer. Banaras is famous for its chaats, lassi and thandais along with several types of sweets. The Kachoris, the... Continue Reading →

5 must visit Coffee shops in Bangalore

Bangalore synonymous to Pubs and Software Companies is also known to have best coffee outlets that are not called Starbucks or Café Coffee Day. There is a lot more to try and experience good and quality coffee in this city. Here I am listing 5 of my favorite coffee outlets in Bangalore. 1. Café Matteo... Continue Reading →

The Starbucks Experience

When it was announced that Starbucks is coming to India the hype surrounding the news was like aliens landing on Earth or Dinosaurs living again. So I got a chance to visit Starbucks Delhi for the first time back when they opened their first outlet in Delhi, after an unsuccessful attempt to buy a coffee... Continue Reading →

Kanpur Food Trail

Kanpur like most of the cities in Uttar Pradesh is known for different and special food items served all across the city. I was in Kanpur last year and after tasting the food I was wanting to write a food trail blog in detail about this city. The day I reached Kanpur I had a... Continue Reading →

Parathas on my mind: Murthal

Murthal and Parathas simply complement each other. While driving from Delhi towards the highway that leads to Panipat, somewhere in between Murthal and its legendary dhabas stand with all the glory. Their name certainly gives that Haryanvi effect and each one of them claiming to be the ‘No. 1’ or ‘most popular restaurant on the... Continue Reading →

Must Eat List – When in Patna

It’s been almost a year since I started coming to Patna on a regular basis and around 6 months since I shifted here. The best part of living here is the food and I am not talking about Dominos and KFC that are opening and overshadowing the traditional food chain in this city. So here... Continue Reading →

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