Puri Sabzi Jalebi – The Middle Class Bihari’s Luxury Food

I loved puri and jalebi so much that every month, I would save my pocket money to have a plate at the end of the month. Slowly I moved to Delhi and then Bangalore but I would always find a way to savor it, thanks to the crowd from UP and Bihar shifting to these cities for new job opportunities.

Baba Lassi – The Banaras Experience

Lassi is synonymous to a lot of travel destinations. From the flavored lassi of Pushkar the authentic steel glass lassi of Amritsar, lassi is a delicacy uniting travelers and tourists all across the country. For a backpacker like me, the importance of lassi increases because of the nutritional values and the price it is offered... Continue Reading →

Review: Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen – McLeodganj

Mcleodganj is loaded with eateries of all kinds. There are Tibetan restaurants serving hot momos with rice soup, North Indian restaurants, quaint Coffee shops and numerous roadside dhabas always running for budget travelers. When it comes to international cuisine, McLeodganj is perhaps one of the places that will always leave you surprised with the number... Continue Reading →

Biryani from Heaven – Arsalan Kolkata

My tryst with Biryani in Kolkata started long time back. Back when the world was relishing on the spicy Hyderabadi Biryani I was introduced to a different side of Biryani during one of my Kolkata trips. I was introduced to Arsalan and its hospitality (or Tehzeeb). This is a place that every Kolkatan knew from... Continue Reading →

A vegetarian’s guide to Arunachali food

Arunachal Pradesh means the “land of the rising sun” as it is located in such a geographic position that the sun hits it before spreading its rays to the other states or regions of India. it is the largest among the North-east Indian states commonly known as the Seven Sister States.   After I started uploading... Continue Reading →

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