Six amazing cafes in Uzan Bazaar, Guwahati for Freelancers and Digital Nomads

Guwahati is the biggest town in North East India and travellers who venture around this region, end up in this city more than once. Exploring North East India has becoming more and more mainstream and since the time the road to Myanmar has opened from Manipur, the destination has caught interest of many individuals.

Guwahati is an okayish destination for backpackers. There is only one hostel where solo travellers can stay before moving to other regions. As a freelancer, you’ll need a decent place to work from and if you can spare a few bucks for a decent cup of coffee then Uzan Bazaar is the best place to be.

Why Uzan Bazaar – You may be wondering that Guwahati being such a big city, why am I focussing only on Uzan Bazaar cafes. Well, working from Uzan Bazaar Cafes has a lot of advantages. There are multiple cafes in this area so you can go to some other place if the one you visited doesn’t have a place to sit.

Secondly, Uzan Bazaar is close to railway station and accessible from most of the hotels in the town. You can easily catch a bus or an Ola Bike, put the location of the café and reach there in minutes.

So without further ado, here are the best cafes of Uzan Bazaar from where you can work from.

11th Avenue Bistro

Probably the biggest and most popular cafes in Uzan Bazaar, 11th Avenue Bistro has big seating space so you’ll find a place easily. All the seats have charging points and they have a seating space in balcony too. It is a very freelancer favourite café in Guwahati with free wifi, nice music and ample lighting.

What to order – Pizza, Coffee, Pancakes

The Table Talk Café

Guwahati cafes (6 of 8)

The café is present right next to 11th Avenue Bistro. Table Talk Café is nice if you want to finish some of your work in the morning and then leave for sightseeing. The café opens at 8 AM but there are chances that some of the breakfast items may not be available. In that case, you can order some tea and parathas. All tables have charging point and the seating space is very big.

What to order – Poha, Coffee, Tea, Fish n Chips, Salads

The Steaming Mug

In terms of décor and ambience, The Steaming Mug is the most beautifully designed café in the entire city. The menu is really amazing and the seating space is simply fancy. Steaming Mug is one of the must visit cafes in Guwahati.

What to order – Chicken pot rice, pizza, coffee, sandwich

By The Way

Not on the top of my list of places to work from, By The Way is a nice place to have lunch and finish some work by the time your order arrives. This cafe is also a nice place to enjoy some vegan food in Guwahati.

What to Order – Noodles, momos

Brewbakes Café

This café is in the same building as The Table Talk Café. While the ambience is nice, the tables don’t have charging points. Still, it is a nice place to have a cup of coffee and finish some work. The establishment serves the best coffee in Guwahati. With ample lighting and soothing music, it is easy to work from here without any issues.

What to order – Coffee, Waffles, Chicken fingers

The Bean Journal

bean journal.jpg

The Bean Journal has an interior seating and an outer seating that you can choose as per your preference. The coffee is superb and you can also try their garlic bread which is delicious. This café is one of the favourite among digital nomads in Guwahati and you’ll see some folks working on other tables.

What to order – Coffee, garlic bread, rolls

These cafes have every arrangement for freelancers and digital nomads in North East. Gibbons Backpackers Hostel has all the arrangements for the travellers with a nice working space, but in case you need inspiring surroundings and coffee to open your mind, then these cafes will be perfect.

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  1. Tania M

    Love working from a cosy cafe and so handy if they have charging points at the tables. The Steaming Mug sounds perfect.

  2. Smita

    I get easily distracted working from a cafe – especially if it has beautiful decor or great views! These do sound really cool though, especially 11th Avenue Bistro – charging, wifi, pizza – what more can you ask for!

  3. Zarina Rimbaud-Kadirbaks

    I like the look of these funky cafés in Uzan Bazaar you selected and the food looks great too! That’s really handy to know this is a strategic location considering its proximity to the station as well. I’ve been curious to visit Myanmar one day so it’s quite a revelation you could travel from there to North India. I bet that’s a stunning trip!

  4. Sandy N Vyjay

    I didn’t know Guwahati has such quirky and colourful Cafes. Hope to visit Uzan Bazar when we are in those parts next.

  5. cbyrnem

    I love the variety of food options available. Super useful if you’re planning to spend enough time to sit at a cafe working and to have a coffee and later lunch. You always share great options for digital nomads!