Budget Travel to Goa

Budget Travel to Goa

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People who prefer travel alone often complain that Goa is not friendly towards solo travellers, but on a contrary Goa is one of the friendliest places for solo travellers. If you follow a few instructions and tricks you can finish your Goa trip without spending much and this blog post will help you with it.

  1. Public Transport: Bus service in Goa is one of the best in this country. From early morning non-stop Kadamba bus service that runs from Madgaon to Panjim and around to state and private transport vehicles leaving for respective destinations every 5 minutes.
  2. Biking: Ditch the cab, hire a bicycle. You can easily get a gear or gearless bicycle on rent on Palolem beach and Calungute as well. While you cannot bike on the beaches this is the best way to travel around the town. Palolem is preferable as the place is less crowded and not so busy with four wheelers
  3. Public Amenities: If you are in Goa for a day’s visit or if you want to want to skip hiring a hotel for a day then it is best to deposit your luggage at cloak room at Panjim bus stand and then you can visit rest of the city and beaches without any additional burden.

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  1. Stay: For Solo travellers Palolem beach in South Goa is most recommended as this place offers more scenic beauty and trekking, hiking and cycling opportunities than the ones in North Goa. Angoda beach in South Goa is another place to camp at beach for overnight stay and meet fellow travellers. If you want to stay in North Goa then head towards Anjuna Beach, this is one popular destination for solo travellers.
  2. Local Cuisine: Goan cuisine is something you cannot miss, however most of the restaurants nearby beaches charge heavily in the name of Local Cuisine and they don’t even taste half of what Goan food actually tastes like. Go by eat where locals eat theory and find small eateries that serve hot and fresh food for most nominal price, most of them are found away from the beaches so a little walk is inevitable.

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  1. Mallika Dev

    Hi, I loved your blog. I am planning to visit in October for the third time, and this time I am going alone. It would be really great if you can share some more details about solo travelling in Goa. As in, I would like to know about the staying part. Is there any cool places near Anjuna where I can crash? Lemme know! Thanks! 🙂

    1. ansh997x

      Yea sure.. Anjuna has a lot of shacks where you can stay if you are not that pampered types. Otherwise its hard to find a hotel there.