How I managed to save money on flight booking during my South East Asia Backpacking trip

How I managed to save money on flight booking during my South East Asia Backpacking trip

Flight booking is the most expensive part of any backpacking trip. Depends on the kind of deal you get on the flight, you are able to determine the kind of trip that you’ll like to go on in future. But here is the thing, travel companies keep changing and updating flight prices with the help of cookies and other tools. If their servers sense that you are checking for flights for a particular date, the price automatically increases the next time you login.

But since I travel a lot and have to book multiple flight tickets over the year, I found a nice trick to save money on flights. Till now, I have managed to save around INR 1500 to 3000 ($20 to $40) on every flight booking.

So here is a guide to book cheap flight tickets in detail –

How to travel companies know your location

Travel companies and airlines know your locations through multiple sources. Some of these are –

IP Address – IP address is the ID number of the internet you are using. The ID is specific for every user and hence the travel company’s servers track it and adjust the prices if you check from that source multiple times.

Cookies – Cookies personalize your browsing experience and show you results as per your search history or behaviour online. Cookies automatically download and stay in the user’s system unless manually removed.

GPS – GPS tracking is a modern way of identifying the location of the user. Once the server finds that a certain user from a certain location is looking for flight tickets, the prices increase in that location.

How to save money on a flight

While domestic flights in India are not that costly but a last minute booking can burn a hole in your pockets. AT the same time, if you are booking a flight ticket for international trip, the price margin can be shocking. The best way to find cheap flight tickets is by using a VPN to search for tickets both anonymously or pretending that you were located in another country.

Here are the steps I took to score deals on flights while I was looking for a nice deal on a return flight from Vietnam:

  • Search for flight deals on a website or an app without a VPN (don’t use the flight website directly).
  • Mark down which flights you’d like to take.
  • Login from your VPN and connect to a server in a different country.
  • Open up an incognito window in a separate browser.
  • Search for flights just like you did in Step 1.
  • Compare the prices.
  • Repeat Steps 3 to 6 to find the best prices

How to make the best use of VPN in order to book a flight

  • Change your location to a low income country or a country that is not known for sending a lot of tourists to other parts of the world. Indian tourists are all around the world so flight ticket prices for them are already costly. But choosing some country like Romania or Kazakhstan will show you the same ticket for cheap.
  • Change your IP address to the destination country. The flight tickets this way are cheaper and easier to look for than switching the IP to a low income country.
  • Other than changing the location to destination country, you can also try changing the location to the country where the flight company is present.


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