Bishnupur – The terracotta temple town of Bengal

Bishnupur was ruled by the Malla kings for several decades and hence it is also known as Mallabhum. The temples of Bishnupur were built by the Kings Veer Hambir, Raghunath Singha and Bir Singha around 16th and 17th century. The temples are scattered in Bishnupur town. These temples are made of laterite stones and terracotta. Most of them are under the protection of ASI and I learned that they are in UNESCO World Heritage site’s tentative list.

Places to visit in Bishnupur & Bankura

Rasmancha – Built in 1587 AD, this place had all the images/idols of the gods of Bishnupur temple assembled here during the yearly Ras festival. Ras-Manch has the most unique design in entire Bishnupur.

Jorebangla Temple – Jor-Bangla was built by Raghunath Singha II in 1655 AD. The roof of the temple is designed in “Chala” style. A small tower adds strength and stability to the twin sloped roofs.

Shyam Rai Temple – Shyama-Raya Temple is also famous as Panch Chura Temple. Due to is unique design and special placement, it is considered the pride of of Bishnupur.

There are many other Bishnupur Bankura tourist spots. Some of the notable ones are Dalmadal Kaman, Sarbamangala Temple, Madan Mohan Temple, Bishnupur Museum, Maa Chinnamasta Temple, Gate of Old Fort, and Lalgarh Eco Park.

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