The joy of returning home on Chhath Puja is unmatched to none. Taking part in this grand family affair compensates for all the festivals that you would miss otherwise. Of-course the flight tickets get costlier and train tickets are hardly available but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be attending Chhath Puja of 2017. Can you forget Chhath Puja song being played in the drawing room and your brother bringing CDs of Chhath Puja MP3 because your bhabhi wants her favorite devar to bring more Chhath Puja ka gana. When your excited cousins from different cities call you and ask Chhath Puja kab hai, because they all want to meet and burst crackers together. Indian railway is running special train for Bihar in Chhath Puja so you should check for once. Who knows, you may get lucky.

If you still need more convincing to go home for this year’s Chhath Puja then read on.


You Get to Feast on Special Chhath Puja Food

Thekua bihari food

From Kharna to Paran, every day of Chhath Puja is the time of some special food being prepared. Apart from these, who can forget the aroma of thekua, pedukiya, fruits, puri bundiya being prepared by the ladies of the house.


It is the only chance to meet your cousins

doesn’t matter how old are you, Chhath is the time when your cousins arrive from different cities. For a week, your sisters surround you, tease you like you are still 12 and you end up playing ludo and carrom all night.


The Evening visit to your relatives for the love of kheer roti

Chhath Kheer

Another amazing part is the time when you drive from one relative’s place to another because you simply cannot get enough of the gud wali kheer and roti.


The fun of grabbing your special chhath wala area on ghat

Chhath Ghat

You can forget the anticipation and enthusiasm of walking to the ghat before everyone else and making sure that no one else would come take the area. This was the moment when you felt the most powerful.


The only time you can meet your crush

Raanjhanaa memes

Last but not the least, for many of us, Chhath Puja is the time then the crush studying in another city would arrive and you’ll go in full Ranjhana mode. You can still have a chance of meeting that person, unless they are married.

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