Benefits of Being Single

Benefits of Being Single

I sometimes get to hang around with my friends who are in a relationship. Sometimes I feel inspired, at times I feel sad that I am so alone in this world. Then there are times when I meet a pretty girl with common friends and wish if she was my girlfriend. There are times when I feel like breaking my rules and codes and just fall in a relationship.

But then I don’t

You see people in relationship may look like they are happy for time being but when you observe them a long time period, they are not. There are a lot of benefits that a single person would enjoy that a person in a relationship doesn’t.

For example

You don’t have to share your food with anyone. The worst part of being in a relationship is that you have to share your food with your girlfriend/boyfriend. I mean just wonder, I love French fries and would hate if someone sitting next to me just took some from my plate. I mean what the hell, go order your own French fries. But I cannot tell them this because the one eating from my plate is supposed to my girlfriend and we have agreed on sharing on a lot more than French Fries. This is why one should stay single so that one can enjoy their lunch in peace. Sharing popcorn in movie theater, I don’t think so.

You get to sleep on weekends. I mean seriously, someone with job who has to work their ass off for 5 days a week and then will have energy to go on a date on weekend. I mean life is hectic and after a hectic 5 days and a probable Friday night hangover you have to maintain your energy and stamina for your better half because if you don’t they won’t like it and will have consequences far beyond imagination. Better stay single and enjoy your sleep on the weekends. Also if your GF/BF is in another city then the weekend is going to be way more terrible along with the coming Monday and no Friday night hangover, mark my words.

You get a lot of your time. I have heard people in relationship don’t get personal space, there is either one of them who keeps bothering at other one doesn’t matter if they are nearby or distant. Cellphones are a huge disturbing element I tell you and in such cases you are not even supposed to keep your phone switched off because that would call for another enquiry session for no reason. Stay single and no one will ask you where you were, what were you doing, eating or thinking. You are free to keep your thoughts to yourself. Isn’t that cool?

No mental tension and unnecessary stress. So your GF/BF is angry with you and is not picking your call since last two hours. Imagine the kind of stress you’ll go through thinking WTF happened. A small fight and just to show who is the boss someone makes you go through all this trouble and after end of the day they pick up your call and act as if nothing happened. I mean seriously, thinking about this gives me enough reason to stay single for life.

You can give equal time to everyone else of your opposite sex. And no one will ever bother you about who the hell you were talking to and why because you have someone who is of your opposite sex and is supposed to be the only person you are supposed to be talking to all your life. Naah I don’t think so, and then there are people who actually stop talking because the other person wants them to do so. I mean WTF!!!

Enjoy your independence. Someone keep bothering you about what you are supposed to wear, how you are supposed to look when they go out with you is all out of question when you are single. Wear whatever you want, go to a pub in happy hours in capree, don’t go shaving for days until it starts itching. You’ll wish to stay single if you know and want to enjoy all these benefits.

Well these were few benefits of staying single. In short I mean being single is the key to happiness, at times you might feel that you are so alone and you need special someone in your life who makes you feel the other way but then all those thoughts are just momentarily. After all staying single gives you a chance to open up to yourself, explore your creative buds. You can write poems about how you miss someone special in your life and then after it is over you are back to enjoying your single life. It’s absolutely fun. And even after this you still want to get in a relationship then try it, its damn easy but then you won’t be able to get out of it without making the other person feel guilty about it.

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