Bas 3 din..

Bas 3 din..

I used to live in Koramangala during my last days in Bangalore in 2012…Us time hum ek Keralite  restaurant pe regularly jate the. Near Forum mall only. The food was so awesome and reasonably priced that I often missed going there.

Last week I went to Forum mall with a friend, while returning I thought of having early dinner at that place.
Now you can imagine how congested the traffic in evening times around Forum mall, you can imagine the struggle we had to go with our big Scorpio to reach there only to find that it was closed. I never saw that restaurant closed in the time I lived there.

Then we saw the manager and we spoke to him. He recognized and was very happy to see me. Then he told that due to some maintenance works his restaurant was closed today.

I was about to leave so I simply asked what all time his restaurant is closed. He replied only 3 days sir, ek to religious festival ko and on 14th jan. 
I got confused and asked what 3 days?

He politely repeated the same answer.

I am still trying to find out what was the third day he was talking about?

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