Barfi: A journey through love

Barfi: A journey through love

Words are not enough to describe how beautiful this movie was. A sweet tale of love and an experience called life. I am writing this blog just to tell how much I was affected by the movie. For me life has become a stupid experience from some time. Head is always filled with sad songs I cannot control. It is really not necessary to be deaf or dumb or mentally ill to feel yourself drawn towards that movie, all you need is love and a little bit of heartbreak.
Barfi and Jhilmil’s bond, they don’t even need that regular medium to talk to each other, all they have is an understanding, but isn’t it what all relationships are about? In a proper relationship you don’t need to understand your partner but the words but by what they feel and  because I myself came out of this experience some time back, one of the most meaningful relationships in my life, what more can make you feel connected with a movie to talk about in the first place.
There is something that makes me relate to all Ranbeer Kapoor movies, well the most of them. Let it be the rawness of Rockstar or innocence of this movie. Barfi is a cute and fuzzy film a difficult road taken. There are very few movies that can make you smile, and like Rockstar I didn’t hesitated to shed Ganga Jamuna in the theater like a little girl at times.
I have travelled a lot, I what my experience says is a good writer can make the place look as beautiful as much as he wants. I have been to Kolkata a lot of times but the Kolkata I know through my experiences and from the albums of professional photographer friends and bloggers is widely different. The reason is that they share that special bond with that place that I don’t. For me Bangalore and Mumbai do the same magic for me, and if you felt that connection with this film that same beauty that Barfi showed for Darjiling and Kolkata, you can find for that place you share that bond and those special memories with. 
The movie in a nutshell stole me my heart, Barfi is a happy ending even if it makes you cry and everyone wants to have a happy ending for them like that.

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  1. Vanita Bodke

    BLog thoda Chota hogay , Nahi . 🙂 …Movi acchit thi , par throughout movie we felt something is wrong & that , it was a copy , Rather sad !!!