Bangalore traffic and getting used to it.

Bangalore traffic and getting used to it.

I am probably among long list of people who is writing or talking about it. But Bangalore traffic is something that you cannot stop ranting about.

I shifted to Bangalore in 2007 and since then there is not a single day I have faced problems with traffic. I missed my flight once because of this traffic and had no idea how to travel to new Airport. I have stayed in Devanahalli, Hebbala, Yelhanka, Koramanga etc and yet I never got used to this traffic shit and even after such strong bus system I always used to get lost now and then.

Once coming back from PESIT to Hebbala we took a ring road bus and it took like forever to reach there.Things were normal when I shifted to Hebbal and within a month it started having so much traffic on that route thanks to the new airport shifted there. Traffic on that route started giving me headaches.

Time passed by, traffic torture continues, every day all the time. Everyone just keep honking without reason as if your honking will clear the traffic. 

And when I shifted to Koramangla it started taking 4 to 5 hours only to reach my college that was near Davanahalli, good thing was that I hardly attended my classes.

Last time I went on that route they were still constructing the flyover, wonder when it will finish and solve this issue.

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