Banaras: A city and a story

Banaras: A city and a story

View of Banaras in the evening

Banaras or Varanasi is a beautiful place. Being a few hours journey from my Patna I visit this city every now and then and it almost feels like this city has called me. There is not one thing about this city that I don’t like. The sense of Bhokal among its people and the various aspects of this city including arts, culture, spirituality, divinity, music, and food it almost feels that this city has its own character and everytime you are here it unfolds itself to show you something new.

The narrow lanes of Banaras have different stories to tell. There are old houses that stand today with pride and have lived their experiences. If you listen closely all of them will tell you stories. Beautiful ghats each of them filled with people and each of them having their own reason to exist. Some tell the story of life while other tell about death and how both aspects of life

Banaras is always lovely doesn’t matter what time of the year you are visiting and what weather it is. That is the beauty of Banaras that welcomes you in its own flavor for each time and every-time. But one thing that never changes is the fakkad style of people here and entire town is colored in that aura. Being part of Purvanchal or East UP the language here is traditional Bhojpuri but it is not rough like they talk in Bihar. Instead it is sweet as sugar that’ll want you to hear it again and again. Banaras is one of the few places where Ganga flows North or as locals say ‘Yahan Ganga Ulti Behti Hai’ .

Banaras has lived since ancient ages and is still living on. People come here for all different reasons. Some come in search of god, some come and just want to spend some time on their own but no matter what the reason is Banaras welcomes everyone with open arms asking them to come back again.

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