Bad Luck me..

Bad Luck me..

I slept at 1.30 to be woken up by a call at 9.30 due to which I woke up (early in the morning) in a bad mood. Saw that the number calling was a New Delhi landline and immediately i knew it was for the an appointment related to my work and I couldn’t ignore it :(. I received the call with an angry air on my face and heard a warm, gentle, amiable, understanding, lovely, sexy, luminous voice saying, “Am Ankita calling from <Insert name> publications New Delhi.”
There!!! mere kaan aise khade ho gaye jaise wo mere nahin, kisi pomeranian kutte ke ho, I promptly replied with a “Hello, mam!” and we spoke of all the details my latest venture. She inquired of the everything related and not related to work as if she was inquiring for a subtle groom for herself.
All through the conversation i made sure i blabbered nowhere, missed no words and stumbled upon no stupid words… kept the conversation brisk, intact, to-the-point and beautiful, just as a publicist would prefer to hear.
Finally, there arrived the time when she had to give me a meeting appointment and date, this was going to be the fastest when a girl approached me and gave me a place and date to meet. And when everything was happening so perfect and then the voice said “Although we have no slots open right now but as soon as we get one Mr. Rajneesh would contact you personally.”
Although she said that she I reading my work personally and she’ll talk to my boss personally about it but that is of no use. My editor is in Delhi and I live in Patna. I had all the chances when I could have called her for coffee and discussed my work there but timing got all wrong :(.

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  1. Saket

    hahaha!!! 😀 klpd ho gaya 😛