Backpacking in Tripura – Everything You Should Know

Tripura is one of the eight states in North East India. The state is close to India Bangladesh Border and is known for its culture, art and heritage. Unfortunately, Tripura tourism is still not reached the same status that Nagaland, Meghalaya or Sikkim has. But this doesn’t mean that Tripura should stay away from the travel maps of India. In-fact, Tripura is one of the best Solo backpacking destinations in India.

In March, I went on a solo backpacking trip of Tripura. Unlike the other states of North East India, Tripura is different in terms of culture and geography. As a backpacker, you’ll really enjoy your time exploring Tripura. So without further ado, here is everything you want to know about backpacking and solo traveling in Tripura.

Days required for traveling in Tripura

Tripura is a very small state that means that you don’t need a lot of time to explore the state. Tripura can be explored in a week. There are a few more offbeat destinations in Tripura where you can visit if you have additional budget to hire a personal car and a guide.

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Required budget for backpacking in Tripura

My overall expenses for backpacking in Tripura came close to INR 5000. This included hotel stay, food and transport. Hotels in Tripura are very cheap. Most of them charge between INR 500 to 800 for a nice comfortable room.

Reasons to go on a backpacking trip in Tripura

Tripura is a beautiful place to travel but for a solo wanderer, there are a lot more advantages that many other states of North East India don’t provide.

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  • Tripura has an excellent connectivity to rest of the country. Agartala Airport is operational with regular flights from Kolkata and Guwahati coming here. Agartala railway station is also one of the biggest and you’ll find regular trains from Delhi, Guwahati, Ranchi, Kolkata and Patna. This also includes Rajdhani Express.
  • Food is very cheap in Tripura. Go for a traditional Bengali thali and it will only cost you around INR 60.
  • You don’t need any inner line permits to travel in Tripura. Foreigners too do not require any Protected Area Permit (PAP) to visit Tripura.
  • Tripura has an excellent mobile connectivity and 4G network. Although, you may end up getting signals from Bangladesh if you venture too close to border.
  • Local transport in Tripura is well planned. There are buses for everywhere. But keep in mind that roads in Tripura are really bad and journeys are tiring.
  • Tripura has an excellent internal train network so exploring the tourist towns by trains is easy and cheap.
  • Most of the tourist spots in Tripura are easily accessible.

Best backpacking itinerary for Tripura

There are some unique tourist attractions in Tripura that require your attention. From unique architectures to mysterious rock art, there is everything to be explored in this state. As a solo traveller in Tripura, you need an itinerary that will take you across the best places in the state.

Day 1 – Arrive Agartala

Most of the flights and trains arrive in Agartala in the morning. Find a hotel in the city, rest and visit Ujjayanta Palace. You can spend rest of the day in Agartala exploring Chaturdash Devta Temple, Gedu Miyan Mosque and the Heritage Park.

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By 3 PM leave for Melaghar to see Neermahal. The palace is situated in middle of Rudrasagar Lake and is known for its unique architecture. Neermahal looks gorgeous during the sunset. Fans of portrait photography will also have a nice time clicking photos of fishermen around the lake.

Where to stay in Agartala

The best backpacker friendly hotel in Agartala is Hotel Raj. The price for a single room is only INT 600 and food is really cheap. It is located close to bus stand so finding a ride is not tough.

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You can also stay in Melaghar if you want to be at a peaceful place. Tripura state’s guesthouses are present everywhere.

Day 2: Agartala – Unakoti – Agartala

Leave from your hotel in the morning, catch the only train for Dharmanagar. From here, catch a ride for Kailashahar. Spend your day around the archaeological park and then return back.

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How to reach Unakoti

The route for Unakoti is a little complicated. You’ll have to catch a train for Dharmanagar. From Dharamanagar you’ll have to come to Kailashahar from where you can catch a private auto for Unakoti. Make sure that you book the auto-rickshaw for both ways so that you don’t end up getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Where to stay in Unakoti

Dharmanagar has a number of hotels. Hotel Rat Din can be booked online and the prices start from INR 700.

You can also return to Agartala by the evening train from Dharamanagar. It will be tiring but you’ll be at the same hotel in an hour.

Day 3: Agartala – Udaipur

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Catch a train from Agartala, leave for Udaipur. Spend your day exploring temples and lakes of this town. There are many tourist attractions in Udaipur, Tripura including multiple temples constructed in Jor Bangla style. Also visit Tripura Sundari Temple which is one of the 51 Jyotirlingas in the country.

Day 4: Udaipur – Pilakh – Udaipur

This trip is optional but interesting. Pilakh is an archeological site where you can see old temples, and statues. You’ll find shared rides from Udaipur that will drop you in Pilakh in an hour. You’ll have to book an autorickshaw to show you all the important landmarks.

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How to reach Udaipur, Tripura

Udaipur is connected with Agartala by train. It takes 2 to 3 hours to reach the destination. It is advised to catch a train in the morning so that you have the day left to explore the town.

Where to stay in Udaipur, Tripura

Udaipur, Tripura has a few hotels. Hotel Residency is one of the popular ones and can be booked online. You can also catch an autorickshaw and ask them to show you a cheap hotel.

Day 5: Udaipur to Amarpur to Devatamura

This morning, leave from your hotel (don’t check out) and go to Amarpur. From Amarpur catch a local shared auto rickshaw for Devatamura. Take a boat ride in Gomati River. You’ll see similar rock carvings like Unakoti but this place is among the offbeat destinations of Tripura so you won’t see much crowd.

You can also got to Damboor Lake from Amarpur, I didn’t got there as it was afternoon and got really hot. Damboot Lake is a boating spot with beautiful natural vistas. Although the boating cost is very high and there are not many tourists to share a ride with.

Day 6: Udaipur – Agartala – Kamalasagar

Return to Agartala in the morning. Check in hotel and leave for Kamalasagar. Visit Kasba Kali Temple and return to Agartala.

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In the evening go to Akhura Border to witness the Beating Retreat Ceremony in the evening. Make sure that you are there by 4:30 PM otherwise it will get really crowded.

Day 7: Agartala – Guwahati

End of your trip

Short Itinerary for backpacking trip in Tripura

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(Arrival Tripura by flight)

Day 1 – Guwahati – Agartala

Day 2 – Agartala – Dharamanagar – Unakoti – Agartala

Day 3 – Agartala – Udaipur

Day 4 – Udaipur – Pilakh – Udaipur

Day 5 – Udaipur – Amarpur – Devatamura – Udaipur

Day 6 – Udaipur – Agartala – Kamalasagar – Agartala

Day 7 – end of trip

Alternate short itinerary for solo backpacking trip in Tripura

(Arrival Tripura by train)

Day 1 – Guwahati/Silchar – Dharamanagar – Unakoti

Day 2 – Dharamanagar – Agartala

Day 3 – Agartala – Udaipur

Day 4 – Udaipur – Pilakh – Udaipur

Day 5 – Udaipur – Amarpur – Devatamura – Udaipur

Day 6 – Udaipur – Agartala – Kamalasagar – Agartala

Day 7 – end of trip

How to reach Tripura

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Tripura is well connected by trains and flights from all over India. As a solo traveller, you can easily find access to this state without a lot of complications.

There are trains that connect Agartala with New Delhi, Patna, Kolkata, Guwahati and Silchar. A number of flights also land in Agartala and the tickets are very cheap if you book in advance.

There is road connectivity from other states of North East India but it is not recommended as the journey is very exhausting.

What to Eat in Tripura

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Tripura has a brimming Bengali culture because of which finding fish and pork is very easy in every town. It is also easy for vegetarians to explore Tripura without much fuss. There is a KFC in Agartala on your way to Ujjayanta Palace. Apart from this, you’ll also find a variety of street items in Tripura that include egg rolls, noodles and jhal muri.

Best time to visit Tripura

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Best time to go on a solo trip to Tripura is between late September and early march. The state experiences summers like Indian plains and gets really hot to venture out in afternoon. You can also visit Tripura during Durga Puja as it is a great time to experience the culture of the state.

July and August are not recommended months for Tripura trip because heavy rainfall will spoil your plans.

How to book Tripura tourism guesthouses

Tripura Tourism has its tourist lodges in every town. These guest houses are equipped with all amenities. You can book Tripura tourist lodges by clicking on this link.

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  1. Emma Riggs

    A great itinerary. It’s definitely good to know that July and August are too wet to visit Tripura. Sometimes when you’re planning a trip you do it based on your own holiday time slot and forget about what times of the year are not good for visiting other places.

  2. Madison Schreiber

    Such a cool and detailed itinerary, would love to visit Tripura in the future!

  3. Emma Riggs

    A great itinerary. It’s definitely good to know that July and August are too wet to visit Tripura. Sometimes when you’re planning a trip you do it based on your own holiday time slot and forget about what times of the year are not good for visiting other places.

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    Oooh there is so much of this that is totally new to me. I love the look of the architecture and those amazing carvings in the rock of Unakoti! Tripura looks like a really interesting area to explore!

    Food-wise, I’d have to skip KFC because that street food looks really tasty!

  10. Tripura is one of the culturally rich states in northeast India. I would love to visit this awesome place someday.