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Lassi is synonymous to a lot of travel destinations. From the flavored lassi of Pushkar the authentic steel glass lassi of Amritsar, lassi is a delicacy uniting travelers and tourists all across the country. For a backpacker like me, the importance of lassi increases because of the nutritional values and the price it is offered in. So how can I not talk about Baba Lassi, the most amazing lassi shop in Banaras.

Banaras Food Trail


Bangali Tola is place where you’ll find backpackers from all over the world. These travelers like to stay here because of cheap accommodation and food, the price of which is not changed for last 10 years or may be more. Among these small eateries, Baba Lassi is a place that is loved by all. For me it is a religion to visit Baba Lassi during my every Banaras visit and the reason is simple.


This place is located in a corner of Bangali Tola, the owner sits at his counter with a menu presenting you with a number of option. For me the plain lassi is a must have because I prefer lassi in its original taste. Along of plain, banana lassi and mango lassi are very much popular here.

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The owner (I have never asked his name, but next time I am going to do so) prepares every lassi with his whole heart. He is very helpful to the travelers and helps them with ticket bookings and reservations, guiding them through Banaras, Sarnath and even Nepal and helping them find a cheap accommodation in the area.


The walls of this lassi shop are filled with murals. Notes from travelers who have visited here, their messages to fellow travelers and stories about their love for travel is something that is common to every traveler and it is very easy to find it here.


Baba Lassi is located in Bangali Tola. It is one of many small lanes that Banaras is famous for. Next time you are in the city, spend some time trying to find this shop. Trust me your search will be worth it.

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  1. Alexander Popkov

    It is a bit of a shame, but being from Europe, I have never heard about lassi 🙂 Probably have to look for a good restaurant to try it.