Baba Bakchod

Baba Bakchod

The world is being duped by false babas, but don’t have fear, Baba Bakchod is here!
So presenting baba bakchod —>
Yeah don’t try to look around you cannot see Baba ji, he is invisible.
Baba Bakchod, with his worldly wisdom will help us sail through the journey called life.
Baba Bakchod says:

“being rich is not important, not the only aim to be,
but should be wealthy enough to savour the world we see”

Artath.. one might obtain all the riches in life, but if we are not wealthy then the riches are not of much use.
wealth signifies more than just money, like for instance “health is wealth :P”, also the feeling of contentment is important for happiness, which is the main aspect of being wealthy.

blah blah namah!

Another Bhakta asks : Baba I am not getting enough views on my blog
Baba : How many times in a month do you blog
Bhakta : Once
Baba : Try blogging twice and you’ll start getting views soon :P.
Bhakta …..
Baba : Also if you have an Adsense account then just deposite 1/3rd of the earnings in my account
Bhakta : Bolo Baba Bakchod ki jai…

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