Annoying habits of Indian tourists

Annoying habits of Indian tourists


Ever met those passengers who get in your train compartment with a general ticket asking you to adjust a little bit? They will tell you that they have to get down just 3 stations later and make you feel like you are in their area now. Imagine that family that enters your sleeper compartment with so much luggage that it becomes tough to even walk around. That drunk uncle in business class who cannot stop leeching at the airhostesses or a bunch of guys who won’t stop staring at foreigners, are just a few examples of how irritating Indian tourists can get at times.

Staring is so common at Indian tourist locations, I once took a group of girls on a trip to Khajuraho. I was irritated by the fact that everyone used to stare. Doesn’t matter where you go, what you do, those eyes would automatically fixate on a female entity. The worst people are the ones who bump into girls on purpose. I don’t have words on how annoying it is.

Grafitti-at-an-old-palace-in-Himachal-PradeshHave you met that family of 10 that comes to the airport with the newly married couple only to gather at the gate or in the lounge blocking the way for everybody else? India runs on adjustments, a little adjustment can do wonders. Like that family who believes that they can fit 4 people in the seat for 3 or the one who just wants to rest half of his bum, god knows where he is going to fit rest of it.

Indian parents don’t know how to say no to their children. Doesn’t matter if it is the little baby is crying his lungs off or the annoying little kid that makes the open space left for walking his personal space for running around. The most annoying encounter I had was the group of kids who made the entire walking space their cricket pavilion. When others complained to their parents simply made the excuse of ‘jaane do bacche hain’ (let it be they are kids.)

Shouting in public, talking loudly on phone and fighting among each other are some of the habits that Indians are known popularly for. Throwing garbage on streets or in open is our birth right. The worst are the ones who carry food in the train and flights and then there are those who eat moongphalis and throw the shells on train’s floor. It cannot get worse than that.

No wonder Indians have a bad name across the world and even at Indian tourist destinations because of which backpackers like me have to suffer. I hope we get over this era soon just for the sake of a better travel experience.

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